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Read and query HDT document with ease in Python

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Read and query HDT document with ease in Python

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  • Python version 3.6.4 or higher

  • pip

  • gcc/clang with c++11 support

  • Python Development headers > You should have the Python.h header available on your system. > For example, for Python 3.6, install the python3.6-dev package on Debian/Ubuntu systems.

Then, install the pybind11 library

pip install pybind11


Installation in a virtualenv is strongly advised!

Manual installation

git clone
cd pyHDT/

Getting started

from hdt import HDTDocument

 # Load an HDT file. Missing indexes are generated automatically
document = HDTDocument("test.hdt")

# Display some metadata about the HDT document itself
print("nb triples: %i" % document.total_triples)
print("nb subjects: %i" % document.nb_subjects)
print("nb predicates: %i" % document.nb_predicates)
print("nb objects: %i" % document.nb_objects)
print("nb shared subject-object: %i" % document.nb_shared)

# Fetch all triples that matches { ?s ?p ?o }
# Use empty strings ("") to indicates variables
triples, cardinality = document.search_triples("", "", "")

print("cardinality of { ?s ?p ?o }: %i" % cardinality)
for triple in triples:

# Search also support limit and offset
triples, cardinality = document.search_triples("", "", "", limit=10, offset=100)
# etc ...

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