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Give your mouse some mass

Project description


A simple program to give your mouse momentum and mass


pip3 install heavymouse


python3 -m heavymouse


heavymouse uses defopt for command line options, you can see the details by running

python3 -m heavymouse –help

usage: [-h] [–drag DRAG] [–grav GRAV] [–bottom BOTTOM]

[–left LEFT] [–right RIGHT] [–top TOP] [–allsides ALLSIDES] [–maxspeed MAXSPEED] [–framerate FRAMERATE]

HeavyMouse - a python mouse mover

example, for bouncy walls, no gravity and less speed:

python –drag .04 –grav 0 –allsides bounce –maxspeed 10

optional arguments:
-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--drag DRAG

amount of drag. 0.0 to 1.0, default is 0.02 (default: 0.02)

--grav GRAV

gravity, default is 1.5 (default: 1.5)

--bottom BOTTOM

can be ‘bounce’, ‘wrap’ or ‘stop’ - default is bounce (default: bounce)

--left LEFT

can be ‘bounce’, ‘wrap’ or ‘stop’ - default is bounce (default: bounce)

--right RIGHT

can be ‘bounce’, ‘wrap’ or ‘stop’ - default is bounce (default: bounce)

--top TOP

can be ‘bounce’, ‘wrap’ or ‘stop’ - default is bounce (default: bounce)

--allsides ALLSIDES

will override settings for each side - no default (default: None)

--maxspeed MAXSPEED

prevent the mouse moving (much) faster than this each frame - default is 40 (default: 40)

--framerate FRAMERATE

frequency the program operates at - default is 50 (default: 50)

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