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Heiko is a frontend for MaaS

Project description


Heiko is a frontend for MaaS and a MVP client to be run in K4CG


Heiko is a pypi package that you can install via pip

pip install heiko

For install from local git repository via git

pip install .

For development, we need some extra packages, maintined in the target "dev"

pip install .[dev]





MaaS (Matomat as a Service) API definition

This Python package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: 0.5.2
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen


Python 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on Github, you can install directly from Github

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import swagger_client


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import swagger_client

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import swagger_client
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint
# create an instance of the API class
api_instance = swagger_client.AuthApi()
username = 'username_example' # str |
password = 'password_example' # str |
validityseconds = 56 # int |  (optional)

    # Logs a user in and returns an JWT token for authentication
    api_response = api_instance.auth_login_post(username, password, validityseconds=validityseconds)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling AuthApi->auth_login_post: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://localhost:8443/v0

Class Method HTTP request Description

AuthApi [auth_login_pos t <docs/AuthApi POST Logs a user in .md#auth_login_ /auth/login and returns an post>]{.title-ref}__ JWT token for authentication

ItemsApi [items_get <doc s/ GET /items List all tems_get>]{.title-ref}__ available items

ItemsApi [items_item_id_ consume_patch PATCH Consumes a Item < docs/ItemsApi.m /items/{itemId}
d#items_item_id /consume

ItemsApi [items_item_id_ delete DELETE Delete Item <docs/It /items/{itemId}

ItemsApi [items_item_id_ get GET Get a certain <docs/Items /items/{itemId} Item em_id_get>]{.title-ref}__

ItemsApi [items_item_id_ patch PATCH Update Item <docs/Ite /items/{itemId}

ItemsApi [items_item_id_ stats_get GET Get consumption <docs / /items/{itemId} stats ems_item_id_sta /stats

ItemsApi [items_post <do cs/ POST /items Add a new item items_post>]{.title-ref}__

ItemsApi [items_stats_ge t <docs/ItemsAp GET Get consumption /items/stats stats of all s_get>]{.title-ref}__ items

ServiceApi [service_stats_ get <docs/Servi GET Total service /service/stats stats e_stats_get>]{.title-ref}__

UsersApi [users_get <doc s/ GET /users List all users sers_get>]{.title-ref}__

UsersApi [users_post <do cs/ POST /users Add a new user users_post>]{.title-ref}__

UsersApi [users_user_id_ PATCH Add users credits credits_add_pat ch <docs/UsersA /users/{userId} /credits/add

UsersApi [users_user_id_ PATCH Transfer credits credits_transfe r_patch <docs/U /users/{userId} /credits/transf
s_user_id_credi er

UsersApi [users_user_id_ PATCH Widthdraw users credits_withdra w_patch <docs/U /users/{userId} credits /credits/withdr
s_user_id_credi aw

UsersApi [users_user_id_ delete DELETE Delete user <docs/Us /users/{userId}

UsersApi [users_user_id_ get GET Get user by user <docs/Users /users/{userId} ID er_id_get>]{.title-ref}__

UsersApi [users_user_id_ password_patch PATCH Change password <docs/UsersApi. /users/{userId} for currently md#users_user_i /password logged in user. d_password_patc

UsersApi [users_user_id_ PATCH Set password for resetpassword_p atch <docs/User /users/{userId} user ID /resetpassword

UsersApi [users_user_id_ stats_get GET Get matomat stats <docs / /users/{userId} for user ers_user_id_sta /stats

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: Authorization
  • Location: HTTP header



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