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Project description

Helga Karma

Modeled after PMXBot’s karma plugin, but just a little bit better.


!t[hanks] <nickname>

Thank somebody for doing a good job!


youthere> I've just fitzbangled the horsemonster for you, person.
person>   !thanks youthere
helga>    You're doing good work, youthere!

Also has an alias – !m[otivate] – for situations in which somebody hasn’t yet done the thing you’re appreciative of or otherwise just needs motivation:

youthere> I'm having an awful day; I've orangeenveloped the
          twinkleverse like a dozen times so far and it's not even
somebody> !m youthere
helga>    You're doing good work, youthere!
somebody> It'll be OK, buddy; it's Friday.

The people you’ve thanked (or motivated) will get a little bump in their karma (and that bump is variable depending on the ratio of times you – the thanker – have thanked others vs. the number of times you’ve been thanked).

!k[arma] [details] [for] [<nick>]

Get a user’s Karma information.


person> I wonder how much karma I have.
person> !karma
helga>  person has about 24 karma, person.

You can also ask about another person’s karma:

person> I wonder how much karma somebody has.
person> !karma somebody
helga>  somebody has about 10 karma, person.

And, if you’re curious about the details, you can ask for those, too, and even abbreviate the command itself:

person> I wonder if somebody has every thanked anybody in his life.
person> !k details somebody
helga>  somebody has 10.1 karma.  (thanked others 20 times, received
        thanks 12 times, karma coefficient: 0.6, aliases: adam,

!k[arma] top [10]

Get a list of people ordered by how much karma they have.


person> Let's see who's the most helpful around here.
person> !karma top 3
helga> #1: somebody (2213 karma) | #2: somebody_else (2013 karma) |
       #3: whoisthis (1408 karma)
person> Not me :-(

!k[arma] <nick1>==<nick2>

Link two nicknames together to share the same karma values. This is commonly used for away nicknames.


person> !karma coddingtonbear==coddingtonbear_away
helga>  coddingtonbear and coddingtonbear_away are now linked, person.

!k[arma] <nick1>!=<nick2>

Unlink two nicknames from one another.


person> !karma coddingtonbear!=coddingtonbear_away
helga>  coddingtonbear and coddingtonbear_away are now unlinked, person.

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