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Red Hat Product Pages plugin for Helga

Project description


Helga is a Python chat bot. Full documentation can be found at

This Product Pages plugin allows Helga to respond to product commands in IRC and print information about releases. For example:

03:14 < ktdreyer> helgabot: rhcs 3.0 date
03:14 < helgabot> ktdreyer, Red Hat Ceph Storage 3.0 ga is on Tue Dec 5,
                  2017 (14 business days from today)

Or specific milestones, like “z2” or “beta”:

03:14 < ktdreyer> helgabot: osp 12 beta date
03:14 < helgabot> ktdreyer, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 beta is on Wed Nov
                  8, 2017 (50 business from today)

The bot can also provide the link to the full schedule for a release:

03:14 < ktdreyer> helgabot: osp 12 schedule
03:14 < helgabot> Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 schedule:

(Obviously this bot plugin requires network access to


This Product Pages plugin is available from PyPI, so you can simply install it with pip:

pip install helga-productpages

If you want to hack on the helga-productpages source code, in your virtualenv where you are running Helga, clone a copy of this repository from GitHub and run python develop.

Optional: Default product configuration

In your file (or whatever you pass to helga --settings), you can specify a DEFAULT_PRODUCT. For example:


If you omit the product when asking Helga for release dates, Helga will use this product value.


Note: This plugin can expose private information (milestone dates) about Red Hat products. If you use this plugin, be sure that the networks to which Helga connects are restricted. Everyone in Helga’s channels will see the private information, so the assumption is that they already have rights to read the data on Product Pages.

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