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A CLI and service wrapper for the Helium API

Project description

# Helium Commander

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[Helium]( is an integrated platform of smart sensors, communication, edge and cloud compute that makes building IoT applications easy.

Helium Commander makes it easy to talk to the [Helium API]( It offers:

* A command line interface to interact with the various Helium endpoints
* A service API that shows how to communicate with the Helium API and interpret the results.

## Docs, Usage, and Community

* In addition to this README, full usage documentation Helium Commander can be found on [](
* You can also watch an in-depth Helium Commander tutorial [here](

## Installation

### Using Homebrew

If you use [Homebrew]( for package management, Helium Commander can be installed like this:

$ brew tap helium/tools
$ brew install helium-commander

### From PyPi

From [PyPi]( Use this if you want to use the command line tool on its own.

$ pip install helium-commander

Note that on some systems you may have to use `sudo` to install the package system-wide.

$ sudo pip install helium-commander

To upgrade from a previous version:

$ pip install helium-commander --upgrade -I

**Note**: Ensure that you use `-I` to allow clean upgrades of packages

### From Source

Use this if you're actively developing or extending Commander:

$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip install -e .

### Nix

`helium-commander` can also be installed using the [Nix]( package manager. Clone the repository and run:

$ nix-env --install --file default.nix

To upgrade on version releases, run:

$ nix-env --upgrade --file default.nix

## Usage

To use the `helium` command, explore the `--help` options:

$ helium --help
Usage: helium [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

--version Show the version and exit.
--format [csv|json|tabular] The output format (default 'tabular')
--uuid Whether to display long identifiers
--host TEXT The Helium base API URL. Can also be specified
using the HELIUM_API_URL environment variable.
--api-key TEXT your Helium API key. Can also be specified using
the HELIUM_API_KEY environment variable
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

configuration Operations on configurations.
element Operations on elements.
label Operations on labels of sensors.
organization Operations on the authorized organization
sensor Operations on physical or virtual sensors.
user Operations on the user.

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