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Stretch Diagnostics

Project description


The Stretch Diagnostics package provides tools to run different suites of tests on the stretch robot to debug issues.

Note This tool is to be used only with Hello Robot's guidance.


Standard python package install

pip3 install hello-robot-stretch-diagnostics

For local python package installation

cd ~/repos
git clone
cd stretch_diagnostics/python
pip3 install -e .

Using the tool

The tool can be executed anywhere from the terminal to run different tests, see test status reports, manage test data and zip the generated diagnostics data.

$ -h
For use with S T R E T C H (R) RESEARCH EDITION from Hello Robot Inc.

usage: [-h] [--report] [--zip] [--archive] [--menu] [--unzip [zip file]] [--list [verbosity]]
                                   [--simple | --power | --realsense | --stepper | --firmware | --dynamixel | --gripper | --ros | --cpu | --arm | --all]

Script to run Diagnostic Test Suite and generate reports.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  --report            Report the latest diagnostic check
  --zip               Generate zip file of latest diagnostic check
  --archive           Archive old diagnostic test data
  --menu              Run tests from command line menu
  --unzip [zip file]  Unzip the given stretch diagnostics zipped data and view report.
  --list [verbosity]  Lists all the available TestSuites and its included TestCases Ordered (Default verbosity=1)
  --simple            Run simple diagnostics across entire robot
  --power             Run diagnostics on the power subsystem
  --realsense         Run diagnostics on the Intel RealSense D435 camera
  --stepper           Run diagnostics on stepper drivers
  --firmware          Run diagnostics on robot firmware versions
  --dynamixel         Run diagnostics on all robot Dynamixel servos
  --gripper           Run diagnostics on the gripper subsystem
  --ros               Run diagnostics on the ROS packages
  --cpu               Run diagnostics on the CPU
  --arm               Run diagnostics on the Arm
  --all               Run all diagnostics

The diagnostics data are stored under the directory ~/stretch_user/log/diagnostic_check.

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