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Hierarchical particle physics data I/O.

Project description


Hierarchical database storage and access for high energy physics event data.

Docstrings are available, markdown documentation coming soon.


pip install heparchy


  • Fast and efficient storage
  • Writes and reads from HDF5 files
  • Data stored hierarchically
    • Files contain processes
    • Processes contain events
    • Events contain datasets for the final state particles
  • Process level metadata can be attached
  • Context managers provide access to these containers

Data writing interface


  • Metadata writing methods:
    • string(): MadGraph formatted string, ie. p p > t t~
    • decay(): pdgids of incoming and outgoing particles for the hard event
    • com_energy()
    • signal_id(): pdgid of the particle of interest in the hard event
    • custom(): extend with your own key / value metadata pair for the process


  • Data writing methods for final state particles:
    • pmu(): 2d numpy array of 4-momenta, each row [px, py, pz, e]
    • pdg(): pdgids
    • is_signal(): boolean tags identifying if particle constituent of signal
    • custom(): extend with your own key / value dataset pair for the event

Coming soon

  • Direct interface from HepMC files to HDF5 format
  • Jupyter notebook examples
  • Pip installation script

Warning: before the first release, the read interface may change to improve consistency with the write interface.

Breaking changes will be avoided following the iminent release of 1.0.0.

Project details

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heparchy-0.2.0.tar.gz (20.6 kB view hashes)

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