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Typo handler for Mercurial commands

Project description

Corrects simple typing errors in commands using Damerau-Levenshtein distance.

Ever typed hg dfif, hg doff or hg banrch? This fixes that.

Some examples of how it helps:

$ hg dfif
Correcting 'dfif' to 'diff'

$ hg brnch
Correcting 'brnch' to 'branch'

Installation & Setup

Installing hg-canttype is simple:

$ pip install hgcanttype

Setup is easy too, just add hgcanttype to your hgrc:


You can configure the distance to consider a command “close enough” like so:

distance = 5

The default is 1. Take note that setting the distance too high is a bad idea:

$ hg dfif
Correcting 'dfif' to 'help'

You can also configure the plugin to provide suggestions rather than automatically correcting the command, just like git:

$ hg dfif
hg: unknown command 'dfif'

Did you mean this?

This is easy to configure:

suggest = true

Note that it will automatically do this if it finds more than one command, even if you have suggestions turned off:

$ hg cu
hg: unknown command 'cu'

Did you mean this?


As this is a derived work of the Mercurial project, the license is GPLv2+ as per the Mercurial License page.

Change History

1.0.8 (4th April 2014)
  • Fix indexing error when not using suggestions

1.0.7 (4th April 2014)
  • Don’t recommend the same command multiple times

1.0.6 (24th March 2014)
  • I hate Restructured Text

1.0.5 (24th March 2014)
  • Provide suggestions if multiple matches were found.

  • Provide suggests all the time if [canttype]/suggest = true.

1.0.4 (12th March 2014)
  • Handle no command being passed in. Thank you, Andrew Taumoefolau!

1.0.3 (11th March 2014)
  • Removed pointless print statement

1.0.2 (10th March 2014)
  • Fix more typos…

1.0.1 (10th March 2014)
  • Fix typos. The irony.

1.0.0 (10th March 2014)
  • Initial release

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