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Mercurial extension to simulate Subversion externals

Project description

hgexternals is a Mercurial extension that simulates in some ways Subversion’s externals features.

To enable the hgexternals extension, create an entry for it in your hgrc file, like this:

hgexternals =

Next create an EXTERNALS file in your repository containing a list of projects you want to pull localy

Each line of the file contains:

  1. the name of the directory where the external repository will be cloned

  2. the repository url

  3. the name of the VCS (optional). Currently supported : hg and svn. if not provided, hg is picked by default.

Example of an EXTERNALS file:

WebTest svn

You can then use it by calling the externals command with the file in argument:

$ hg externals EXTERNALS

This will check out every repository described in the EXTERNALS file its the directory. Everytime you call it, it will update any existing check out.

Notice that you can also pass a directory, the extension will look for a file name EXTERNALS in it:

$ hg externals .     # looks in the current dir
$ hg externals src     # looks in the src dir

Feedback is welcome !

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hgexternals-0.1.tar.gz (1.9 kB view hashes)

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