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Prove hybrid programs correct using Hybrid Hoare Logic

Project description


HHLPy is a formal verification tool for hybrid systems. It is based on an extension of Hoare logic to hybrid systems called Hybrid Hoare Logic.


Base installation

The base installation of HHLPy does not require Wolfram Engine:

  • Install Python 3.9 or higher:
  • Run pip install hhlpy or python -m pip install hhlpy to install HHLPy.
  • Run python -m hhlpy to start HHLPy. Your browser should open automatically. (If it doesn't, open in your browser.)

Install Wolfram Engine

To be able to proof more verification conditions, install Wolfram Engine on your system:

  • Download Wolfram Engine and install it:
  • Get a license for Wolfram Engine and activate it.
  • If you use the standard installation path, HHLPy should be able to find it automatically; simply run python -m hhlpy.
  • If you see the message Please install Wolfram Kernel ..., you need to set the environment variable WolframKernel to the path of the file WolframKernel or WolframKernel.exe that comes with the Wolfram Engine installation. Then restart your terminal and run python -m hhlpy.
  • If you see the line Socket exception: Socket operation aborted. in the terminal, you probably still need to activate your license.

First Steps

Click on the file basic1.hhl in the list of example files on the left panel. A file with the following content will open:

pre [x >= 0];
x := x+1;
post [x >= 1];

This example program has a single instruction: it increases the variable x by 1. The only precondition is x >= 0; the only postcondition is x >= 1. These conditions seem correct: If x is at least 0 and increased by 1, it is at least 1 afterwards.

On the right side, you see the verification condition panel. It contains a single verification condition that has been generated from the program:

  x >= 0
show: x + 1 >= 1

Click on the button Verify to check the verification condition. A green checkmark appears below the condition. And the counter next to the button indicates that 1/1 verification conditions have been proved.

Next, add a second instruction to the program that divides x by 2:

pre [x >= 0];
x := x+1;
x := x/2;
post [x >= 1];

Observe that the verification condition on the right updates automatically. Click the button Verify to verify the new condition. You will see an X mark indicating that the verification condition could not be verified. Try to adapt the postcondition to make the verification go through...

Explore the other example files to see more!

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