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Library to implement Graph APIs

Project description

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Hiku is a library to implement Graph APIs. Essential GraphQL support included.


$ pip3 install hiku

Bug fixes and new features are frequently published via release candidates:

$ pip3 install --upgrade --pre hiku


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Optional dependencies

  • graphql-core - for GraphQL support

  • protobuf - for Protobuf support

  • sqlalchemy - for SQLAlchemy support as a data-source

  • aiopg - for async PostgreSQL support with aiopg

  • asyncpg - for async PostgreSQL support with asyncpg

  • prometheus-client - for Prometheus metrics support

  • sentry-sdk - for Sentry tracing support


  • Not coupled to a single specific query language

  • Flexibility in result serialization, including binary formats

  • Natively uses normalized result representation, without data duplication

  • All concurrency models supported: coroutines, threads

  • Parallel query execution

  • No data under-fetching or over-fetching between client<->server and between server<->database

  • No N+1 problems by design

  • Introduces a concept of Two-Level Graph in order to decouple data-sources and business-logic

Quick example

Graph definition:

from hiku.graph import Graph, Root, Node, Field, Link
from hiku.types import String, Sequence, TypeRef

def characters_data(fields, ids):
    data = {
        1: {'name': 'James T. Kirk', 'species': 'Human'},
        2: {'name': 'Spock', 'species': 'Vulcan/Human'},
        3: {'name': 'Leonard McCoy', 'species': 'Human'},
    return [[data[i][] for f in fields] for i in ids]

def characters_link():
    return [1, 2, 3]

GRAPH = Graph([
    Node('Character', [
        Field('name', String, characters_data),
        Field('species', String, characters_data),
        Link('characters', Sequence[TypeRef['Character']],
             characters_link, requires=None),


from hiku.engine import Engine
from hiku.builder import Q, build
from hiku.executors.sync import SyncExecutor

engine = Engine(SyncExecutor())

result = engine.execute_query(GRAPH, build([

# use result in your code
for character in result.characters:
    print(, '-', character.species)


James T. Kirk - Human
Spock - Vulcan/Human
Leonard McCoy - Human


Use Tox in order to test and lint your changes.

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