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Framework for generating editor syntax files

Project description


This package allows you to generate syntax-highlighting files from input files (like bnf grammar files). The goal is to enable generation of syntax highlighting files for any language specification on the fly, for all editors

Supported Frontends

  • lark: use lark grammar files (for the LALR parser only) to generate the syntax file for the language the grammar is parsing.
    • see lark-parser for more info on writing lark grammar files
    • see lark-syntax.vim for syntax-highlighting of your lark files in vim
    • see python-shape-plotter-example for several things:
      1. writing a simple LALR lark grammar file
      2. using hilite_syntax to convert lark grammar files to vim syntax and viewing your DSL scripts with color in vim
      3. plotting 2D shapes using matplotlib from the lark DSL file

Supported Backends

  • vim: generate vim syntax highlighting files for the input language.
    • by default, it will write the syntax and ftdetect files to $HOME/.vim, so you can instantly use the generated files, but you can change the output dir
    • pointers to related items:
    • see lark-syntax.vim for highlighting lark grammar files in vim
    • see python-shape-plotter-example for the reasons mentioned in lark above


pip install hilite_syntax

command-line usage

  • help: the subcommand to dump the IR graph of your langauge:

    hilite_syntax help <frontend> [frontend-args]
    hilite_syntax help <backend> [backend-args]

    You must run the help commands for each frontend or backend to see what their supported arguments are.

  • dump: the subcommand to dump the IR graph of your langauge, after being parsed by the frontend:

    hilite_syntax dump <frontend> [frontend-args]
  • input/output: the subcommand to convert the input to an output syntax highlighting file:

    hilite_syntax input <frontend> [frontend-args] output <backend> [backend-args] 

    for example, the following will convert a lark grammar file and install vim syntax files for it at $HOME/.vim:

    hilite_syntax input lark ./mydsl.lark --start root_rule \
                  output vim mydsl --ext mydsl --ext dsl

TODO: put up a docs page for the cmdline usage (and subcmds)

library usage

Most of the package lives in the hilite_syntax library, and can be used directly in your application.

TODO: put up a docs page for library usage

internal architecture

TODO: describe lark-specific details, vim-specific details, the intermediate graph representation, and the supported semantic FormatTypes


clean up documenting these potential issues:

  1. regex node sementics need to be supported by input AND output implementation. if only the input supports it, an error will occur

    • for example: lark -> vim DOES support regex and string terms
  2. string terminals MIGHT not be supported in output. any backend implementation should specify the supported strings

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