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A Library to get Keys from a keyserver specified

Project description


A Library to get GPG/PGP keys from a Keyserver. This library uses the requests module to get the keys.

Tested Python Versions

Python 2.7

  • 2.7.15

Python 3

  • 3.7

Intstall via AUR

Install via PyPI

pip install hkp4py

pip3 install hkp4py


This object represents a keyserver using the hkp protocol.


Initialize the KeyServer object.

# python2and3 compliance
from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals, print_function

from hkp4py import KeyServer

server = KeyServer("hkps://")

HKPS support via following pool.

The hkps pool is also supported.



Add keys to a keyserver.

key = "a long key"


Find keys with the keyserver object.

keys ='') # search by string
keys ='0x{}'.format('6F4B4E15768C8C4E'), exact=True) #search by fingerprint

Key Object

for key in keys:
    # Key Basic Information
    print("Key Algorithm:\t{}".format(key.algo))
    print("Key fpr:\t{}".format(key.keyid))
    print("Key Length:\t{}".format(key.key_length))
    print("Disabled?\t{}".format('yes' if key.disabled else 'no'))
    print("Expired?\t{}".format('yes' if key.expired else 'no'))
    print("Revoked?\t{}".format('yes' if key.revoked else 'no'))
    print("From Host:\t{}".format(
    print("From Port:\t{}".format(key.port))
    print("Date Created:\t{}".format(key.creation_date))
    print("Date Expired:\t{}".format(key.expiration_date))

Identity Object

    for identity in key.identities:
        print("\tDisabled?\t{}".format('yes' if identity.disabled else 'no'))
        print("\tExpired?\t{}".format('yes' if identity.expired else 'no'))
        print("\tRevoked?\t{}".format('yes' if identity.revoked else 'no'))
        print("\tDate Created:\t{}".format(identity.creation_date))
        print("\tDate Expired:\t{}".format(identity.expiration_date))

More Advanced options

To set a different User-Agent and proxies for veiling purposes. The KeyServer has the following additional options for the connection.

server = KeyServer("hkps://",
                   proxies={"http": "socks5h://localhost:5050", "https":
                   headers={"User-Agent": "Testing"})

Import key with gpgme python bindings

from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals

import gpg

result = gpg.Context().key_import(key.key_blob)

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