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A python utility library is written by huykingsofm

Project description


A Python 3 utility library of huykingsofm. It has some modules, including:

  • logger: A module is used to print notifications to the console screen or write logs to file. It is special because you can disable the print/write statement by modifying a few parameters without commenting or deleting them manually.
  • cryptography: A wrapper crypto module bases on and is followed by the implementation style of cryptography. It is easier to use than the original one and fits many procedures in our projects.
  • done: A module defines a class (Done) for returning complex values more conveniently.
  • http: A module is used to parse or generate raw HTTP packets.
  • math: A module implements some no-builtin mathematic operations.
  • hksenum: A wrapper module of Enum is more convenient than the original.
  • files: A file processing module.

How to build

Our library is only supported by Python>=3.7.1. Now we test it only on Python 3.7.1. If you meet any problems, even if with other versions, you could create an issue to notify us. We will solve them as quickly as possible.

Create Virtual Environment (optional but IMPORTANT)

If you had your virtual environment, you can ignore this step.

You ought to create a virtual environment to avoid conflicting with other applications on your machine when installing our module. The virtual environment must be installed with Python 3.
I highly recommend you to use Anaconda because of its utilities. The command of creating a virtual environment in Anaconda is:

$ conda create -n your_venv_name python=3.7.1
$ conda activate your_venv_name
(your_venv_name) $ _ 

Or use Python venv:

$ python -m venv path/to/your/venv
$ path/to/your/venv/Scripts/activate.bat
(your_venv_name) $ _

Method 1: Install the stablest version (PyPI)

(your_venv_name) $ pip install hks_pylib

Method 2: Install the newest version (Github)

(your_venv_name) $ git clone
(your_venv_name) $ cd hks_pylib
(your_venv_name) hks_pylib $ pip install -e .

How to use

Just use import statement and enjoy it. We will write documentation and tutorials as soon as possible so that you can understand our library easier.

# A Done object can be used to substitute 
# complex return values
from hks_pylib.done import Done
# Example: return Done(True, reason="OK")

# A class is used to print/write 
# logs to console/file
from hks_pylib.logger import StandardLogger  

# A class is used to generate StandardLogger objects.
# You should use this class instead of 
# using StandardLogger directly
from hks_pylib.logger import StandardLoggerGenerator

# You may use our console_output instead of print builtin function
# in a multithread program
from hks_pylib.logger import acprint

# Some common ciphers
from hks_pylib.cipher import NoCipher, AES_CBC, HybridCipher 

# You can parse or generate raw HTTP packets with these class
from hks_pylib.http import HTTPParser, HTTPPacket  

# You can encrypt or decrypt your data with our cryptography module
from hks_pylib.cryptography.ciphers.symmetrics import AES_CTR, AES_CBC
from hks_pylib.cryptography.ciphers.asymmetrics import RSAKey, RSACipher
# or hash functions
from hks_pylib.cryptography.hashes import SHA1, SHA256
# or Diffie Hellman
from hks_pylib.cryptography.protocols import DiffieHellmanExchange

Change log

Version 0.0.7 -- 0.0.8

  • Fix the error of InvisibleLogger.
  • Fix reset() in AES_CTR and AES_CBC.
  • Fix save...() and load...() in RSAKey.
  • Add the acprint(.) for avoid conflicting print.
  • Add @as_object decorator.
  • Add MD5 to hashes.
  • Add KeyGenerator to ciphers.

Version 0.0.6

  • Change .gitignore to template of Python.
  • Change the http style.
  • Change the logger to HKSEnum style.
  • Add InvisibleLoggerGenerator, InvisibleLogger for more convenient.
  • Add some utility methods to HKSEnum and Done.
  • Change many error types and replace some errors to hkserror.

Version 0.0.5

  • Change allmost all generic exceptions to highly identified exceptions (in modules of hks_pylib.errors).
  • Add the Output class to hks_pylib.logger.config. Now logger can easily avoid conflicting in printing.
  • Add a wrapper module hks_pylib.hksenum of builtin python class Enum. Change many constants to HKSEnum type.
  • Divide module hks_pylib.cryptography.ciphers into multiple submodules and move them to folder cryptography/ciphers/.
  • Divide module hks_pylib.logger into multiple submodules and move them to folder logger/.
  • Remove requirements.txt.
  • Add Bitwise operator to math.
  • Add batchcrypt module to hks_pylib.cryptography.
  • Add an example of batchcrypt in folder examples/.

Project details

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hks_pylib-0.0.8.tar.gz (23.5 kB view hashes)

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hks_pylib-0.0.8-py3-none-any.whl (34.4 kB view hashes)

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