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A Python library for plotting hockey rinks with Matplotlib.

Project description

A Python library for plotting hockey rinks with Matplotlib.


pip install hockey-rink

Current Rinks

The following rinks are available for use:

  • Rink
  • NHLRink
  • NWHLRink (from the 2021 Lake Placid games)
  • IIHFRink
  • OldIIHFRink


There is also room for customization. For example, to change the dimension of a rink, update the length and/or width of the boards:

rink = Rink(boards={"length": 150, "width": 150, "radius": 75})

Each rink comes with a default set of features, but additional features can be added. Custom features should inherit from RinkFeature and override the _get_centered_xy method. The draw method can also be overridden if the desired feature can't be drawn with a Matplotlib Polygon, though _get_centered_xy should still provide the feature's boundaries. The RinkImage feature provides an example of this by inheriting from RinkRectangle.

If a custom feature is to be constrained to only display within the rink, the returned object needs to have a set_clip_path method.


There are currently wrappers available for the following Matplotlib plotting methods:

  • plot
  • scatter
  • arrow
  • hexbin
  • pcolormesh (heatmap in hockey-rink)
  • contour
  • contourf
  • text

There's also a rink.plot_fn which will take as its first argument a plotting method from either Matplotlib or seaborn and will attempt to make the desired plot.

from hockey_rink import NHLRink, RinkImage
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
import seaborn as sns

shots = (
    .query("event_type in ('GOAL', 'SHOT', 'MISS')")

team_colors = {"San Jose Sharks": (0, 0.5, 0.5), "Nashville Predators": (1, 0.7, 0.1)}

rink = NHLRink(
        "feature_class": RinkImage,
        "image_path": "",
        "x": 55, "length": 50, "width": 42,
        "zorder": 15, "alpha": 0.5,
        "feature_class": RinkImage,
        "image_path": "",
        "x": -55, "length": 50, "width": 29,
        "zorder": 15, "alpha": 0.5,

first_period = shots.query("game_id == 2022020001 and period == 1")

fig, axs = plt.subplots(1, 2, figsize=(18, 8))
rink.scatter("x", "y",, s=100, edgecolor="white", data=first_period, ax=axs[0])
rink.plot_fn(sns.scatterplot, x="x", y="y", hue="event_team", s=100, legend=False, data=first_period, ax=axs[1], palette=team_colors);

When using plots that require binning, it's often best to include a plot_range even when it isn't being used to find the bins. Here's an example using shooting percentage.

import numpy as np

ozone_shots = (
        is_goal=shots.event_type == "GOAL",
        y=shots.y * np.sign(shots.x),

fig, axs = plt.subplots(1, 3, figsize=(18, 8))

rink = NHLRink(rotation=270, net={"visible": False})

    "x", "y", "is_goal", data=ozone_shots, 
    nbins=8, levels=30, plot_range="ozone", cmap="bwr",
    ax=axs[0], draw_kw={"display_range": "ozone"},

    "x", "y", "is_goal", data=ozone_shots, 
    binsize=5, fill_value=0, plot_xlim=(25, 89), cmap="magma", vmax=0.25,
    ax=axs[1], draw_kw={"display_range": "ozone"},

    "x", "y", "is_goal", data=ozone_shots,
    gridsize=(14, 8), plot_range="ozone", alpha=0.85, vmax=0.25,
    ax=axs[2], draw_kw={"display_range": "ozone"},

There's also a clear method which will attempt to remove anything that isn't part of the rink unless it's passed to the keep variable. This can be useful for animations.

df = (
    .query("frame_id == 400")
    .assign(team_color=lambda df_: np.where(df_.team_name == "Canada", "lightcoral", "aqua"))

rink = NHLRink(x_shift=100, y_shift=42.5, rotation=270)

fig, axs = plt.subplots(1, 2, figsize=(12, 8))
for ax in axs:
    rink.draw(display_range="ozone", ax=ax)
        "x_ft", "y_ft", ax=ax,
        facecolor="team_color", edgecolor="black", s=300,

        "x_ft", "y_ft", "jersey_number", ax=ax,
        ha="center", va="center", fontsize=14, 
    teams_text = rink.text(
        0.5, 0.05, "Canada vs USA", ax=ax,
        ha="center", va="center", fontsize=20,

rink.clear(ax=axs[1], keep=[teams_text])


This project was partly inspired by mplsoccer.

Hopefully, it can make things a little easier for anyone looking to get involved in hockey analytics.


You can find me on twitter @the_bucketless or email me at

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