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A Python binding for the Hoedown Markdown library.

Project description

Hoep is a Python binding for the Hoedown Markdown library.


Hoep is available on PyPI so installation is only a quick pip away.

$ pip install hoep


Hoep only accepts and returns unicode objects in Python 2 and str objects in Python 3. This goes for custom renderers as well. All callbacks receive and must return unicode or str objects, respective to the Python version.

Basic Usage

Using Hoep is pretty straightforward. You can either use the render module function or the Hoep module class. The latter is more efficient if you are rendering multiple documents in a single go.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import hoep as h

extensions = h.EXT_STRIKETHROUGH
render_flags = h.HTML_SMARTYPANTS

# Method form.
html = h.render('Some ~~bold~~ __"strong"__ text.', extensions, render_flags)

# Class form.
md = h.Hoep(extensions, render_flags)

html = md.render('Some ~~bold~~ __"strong"__ text.')


You can enable multiple extensions by bitwise ORing them.

  • EXT_AUTOLINK: Automatically parse URLs into links.

  • EXT_DISABLE_INDENTED_CODE: Disables indented code blocks.

  • EXT_FENCED_CODE: Enables fenced code blocks.

  • EXT_FOOTNOTES: Enables Markdown Extra style footnotes.

  • EXT_HIGHLIGHT: Enables ==marking== text.

  • EXT_LAX_SPACING: Removes the need for an empty line between Markdown and raw HTML.

  • EXT_NO_INTRA_EMPHASIS: Disables emphasis_between_words.

  • EXT_QUOTE: “Quotes” are translated into <q> tags.

  • EXT_SPACE_HEADERS: ATX style headers require a space after the opening number sign(s).

  • EXT_STRIKETHROUGH: Enables ~~striking~~ text.

  • EXT_SUPERSCRIPT: Enables super^script.

  • EXT_TABLES: Enables Markdown Extra style tables.

  • EXT_UNDERLINE: Translates <em> tags into <u> tags.

Render flags

You can enable multiple render flags by bitwise ORing them.

  • HTML_ESCAPE: All HTML is escaped.

  • HTML_EXPAND_TABS: Tabs are expanded to spaces.

  • HTML_HARD_WRAP: Line breaks are translated into <br> tags.

  • HTML_SAFELINK: Only links to safe protocols are allowed.

  • HTML_SKIP_HTML: All HTML tags are stripped.

  • HTML_SKIP_IMAGES: Images are ignored.

  • HTML_SKIP_LINKS: Links are ignored.

  • HTML_SKIP_STYLE: <style> tags are stripped.

  • HTML_SMARTYPANTS: Enables SmartyPants.

  • HTML_TOC: Anchors are added to headers.

  • HTML_USE_XHTML: Renders XHTML instead of HTML.

Custom renderer

By subclassing the Hoep class, you can create a custom renderer overriding various callbacks.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import hoep as h

class MyRenderer(h.Hoep):
    def __init__(self, extensions = 0, render_flags = 0):
        # If you override the `__init__` function, you must call
        # the parent class's or bad things will happen.
        super(MyRenderer, self).__init__(extensions, render_flags)

        self.replace = '[redacted]'

    def strikethrough(self, text):
        return self.replace

md = MyRenderer(h.EXT_STRIKETHROUGH)

html = md.render('Some ~~bold~~ __"strong"__ text.')


Document level

  • preprocess(str markdown)

  • doc_header()

  • doc_footer()

  • postprocess(str html)

Block level

  • block_code(str text, str language)

  • block_html(str text)

  • block_quote(str text)

  • footnotes(str text)

  • footnote_def(str text, int number)

  • header(str text, int level)

  • hrule()

  • list(str text, bool ordered)

  • list_item(str text, bool ordered)

  • paragraph(str text)

  • table(str header, str body)

  • table_row(str text)

  • table_cell(str text, int flags)

Span level

  • autolink(str link, bool is_email)

  • codespan(str text)

  • double_emphasis(str text)

  • emphasis(str text)

  • footnote_ref(int number)

  • highlight(str text)

  • image(str link, mixed title, str alt)

  • line_break()

  • link(str link, mixed title, str content)

  • quote(str text)

  • raw_html_tag(str tag)

  • strikethrough(str text)

  • superscript(str text)

  • triple_emphasis(str text)

  • underline(str text)


  • entity(str entity)

  • normal_text(str text)


If you run into any issues or have any questions, either open an issue or hop in #mynt on

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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