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A simple anime torrent downloader.

Project description

HorribleSubs Downloader

A simple anime torrent downloader.


  • Quickly download anime torrents from HorribleSubs in your terminal.
  • Download the whole season in a single command.
  • Use alias for anime with long name.

Note: The downloader doesn't work for older anime that has no torrent link. Support for magnet link will be added in the future.

Table of Contents


You need Python 3.x.x to install and use the downloader. You also need Google Chrome (Support for Firefox and other browsers will be added in the future).

pip install horriblesubs-downloader
  1. Download chromedriver and extract out the file inside the ZIP.
  2. Type in your terminal: hsd --config driver_path <PATH TO CHROMEDRIVER>
  3. Set your download path: hsd --config download_path <PATH>
  4. You're ready to download some anime!


    hsd <name> <episode> [--res <res>] [--to <path>]
    hsd <name> <start> <end> [--res <res>] [--to <path>]
    hsd <name> --batch [--res <res>] [--to <path>]
    hsd --alias [<alias>] [<real>]
    hsd --config [<key>] [<value>]

    -h --help           Show this screen.
    -b --batch          Download multiple torrents.
    -r --res <res>      Set resolution.
    -t --to <path>      Download file to path.
    -a --alias          Display or set alias.
    -c --config         Display or set config.


# Download episode 5 of One Punch Man
hsd "One Punch Man" 5

# Download episode 1-3 of KonoSuba
hsd --alias "KonoSuba" "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!"
hsd "KonoSuba" 1 3

# Download the whole season of Steins Gate in 720p
hsd "Steins Gate" --batch --res 720

# Display all aliases and config
hsd --alias
hsd --config


MIT License

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