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Tool to convert plain-text hospital integration engines' log files to structured data

Project description


Tool to convert plain-text hospital integration engines' log files to structured data. Currently supported logfile formats:

  • Cloverleaf plain-text log files (NB: This tool is not affiliated with Infor Cloverleaf.)

Convert plain-text log files to structured data

How to install

Install from Pypi

pip install hospital_logfile_analyzer

Install from Github

Download the latest release as a tar.gz archive from the Github repository page:

tar -xvf v.0.1.tar.gz
cd hospital_logfile_analyzer
rm v.0.1.tar.gz
python install

Install from source code

Using git, clone the repository to your working directory, and install the package:

git clone
cd hospital_logfile_analyzer
python install


This package supports Python 3 and has not been tested with Python 2.

To view and run the attached Jupyter Notebooks, best install an Anaconda environment.

Command-line interface

You can execute the logfile parser in the command-line of your choice (e.g. bash). implements the command-line argument parser. Display all options:

python -m hospital_logfile_analyzer --help

The easiest call to run the application:

python -m hospital_logfile_analyzer mylogfile.log output_structured_log.json

A more sophisticated application call would involve mapping and/or field filtering:

python -m hospital_logfile_analyzer mylogfile.log output_structured_log.json --mappingfile my_mapping.json --filterfile my_filter.json

For instructions on how to create field maps and filters, see the respective sections in text below.

Jupyter Notebook

You will find examples on how to execute this package in a Jupyter Notebook inside jupyter_notebooks directory.


You can use the logfile parser directly in your Python code:

from hospital_logfile_analyzer.parsers import parse
parser = parse('hospital_logfile_analyzer/test/test.log')

How to create custom mappings and field filters

Field Mapping

Fields can be mapped across different levels of hierarchy. E.g. you can map root.child1.child2.key1 to root.key1. The mapping allows you to propagate fields from lower levels of hierarchy to the top. Together with filters, this allows for very efficient analysis of structured data.

Mapping is given by a JSON dictionary with the source field names being the keys, and the target field names the values. The field names inside subtrees are separated by dots.

The following example snippet will copy (or move, depending on the function parameters) the value of field Tree.Error Code into Error Code:

  "Tree.Error Code": "Error Code",
  "Tree.Result.Code": "Result Code"

The field map has to be stored as a UTF-8 encoded JSON file. For instructions on how to pass this file to the application, see the CLI or the package usage documentation in text above.

Field Filters

Field filters allow to remove fields and subtrees from the structured data.

The following example will remove fields Tree.Error Code and will keep Tree.Result.Code:

  "Tree.Error Code": false,
  "Tree.Result.Code": true

The field map has to be stored as a UTF-8 encoded JSON file. For instructions on how to pass this file to the application, see the CLI or the Python package usage documentation in text above.

How to test

Execute in the root folder of the repository:

python -m unittest

This will discover and execute all tests contained inside hospital_logfile_analyzer/test.

How to contribute

You can add your own logfile parsers:

  1. Inherit YourOwnParser from the abstract parent interface LogfileParser.
  2. Add unit tests by adding under hospital_logfile_analyzer/test.
  3. Commit changes to your own branch and create a pull request. The tests on the branch must run green before the branch can be merged.



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