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all your hosts are belong to us!!!

Project description let's you build whole new application clusters in a matter of minutes.

Building on the power of collective.hostout_, buildout_ and fabric_ just few lines of configuration
and a single command is all thats needed to deploy apache, squid, mysql, zope, plone, django...


Add the collective.hostout part to your development buildout. Using the extends
option we add to handle creating a host and hostout.ubuntu
to bootstrap that host ready for deployment.

>>> write('buildout.cfg',
... """
... [buildout]
... parts = host1 helloworld
... [helloworld]
... recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts
... eggs = zc.recipe.egg
... initialization = import sys
... main=lambda: sys.stdout.write('all your hosts are below to us!!!')
... entry-points = helloworld=__main__:main
... [host1]
... recipe = collective.hostout
... extends = hostout.ubuntu
... hostsize - 256
... hostos = Ubuntu 9.10
... hosttype = rackspacecloud
... key = myaccount
... secret = myapikey
... """
... )

>>> print system('bin/buildout -N')
Installing host1.
Generated script '/sample-buildout/bin/hostout'.

Now with a single command everything is done for us

>>> print system('bin/hostout host1 deploy')

Our local environment
>>> print system('bin/helloworld')
all your hosts are below to us!!!

is now deployed to the cloud
>>> print system('bin/hostout host1 run bin/helloworld')
all your hosts are below to us!!!

Change your local code and just run deploy again
>>> print system('bin/hostout host1 deploy')

Reboot your server
>>> print system('bin/hostout host1 reboot')

and destroy it when you're done
>>> print system('bin/hostout host1 destroy')

Supported Cloud providers
************************* uses libcloud_. See the libcloud_ site for the supported serviers and options
for each.

Currently rackspace cloud is the only provider tested

Project details

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