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Prometheus exporter for HP iLO metrics

Project description

HP iLO Metrics Exporter

Blackbox likes exporter used to exports HP Server Integrated Lights Out (iLO) states to Prometheus.


Here are the status code of gauge

0 - OK
1 - Degraded
2 - Dead (Other)

Output example

Example of status of your iLO

  battery: {status: OK}
  bios_hardware: {status: OK}
  fans: {redundancy: Redundant, status: OK}
  memory: {status: OK}
  network: {status: Link Down},
  power_supplies: {redundancy: Redundant, status: OK}
  processor: {status: OK}
  storage: {status: Degraded}
  temperature: {status: OK}
  vrm: {status: Ok}
  drive: {status: Ok}

The returned output would be:

hpilo_battery{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_storage{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 1.0
hpilo_fans{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_bios_hardware{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_memory{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_power_supplies{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_processor{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_network{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 2.0
hpilo_temperature{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_vrm{product_name="ProLiant DL380 Gen6",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_drive{product_name="ProLiant DL380 Gen6",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 0.0
hpilo_firmware_version{product_name="ProLiant DL360 Gen9",server_name="name.fqdn.domain"} 2.5


You can install exporter on the server directly or on separate machine. To run, you must have Python and pip installed.

To install with pip:

pip install -e $HPILO_EXPORTER_DIR

Then just:

hpilo-exporter [--address= --port=9416 --endpoint="/metrics"]

HPILO is also available on Pypi so it can be installed directly:

pip install hpilo-exporter


Prebuild images are available from the docker repository:


To build the image yourself

docker build --rm -t hpilo-exporter .

To run the container

docker run -p 9416:9416 hpilo-exporter:latest

You can then call the web server on the defined endpoint, /metrics by default.

curl ''

Passing argument to the docker run command

docker run -p 9416:9416 hpilo-exporter:latest --port 9416 --ilo_user my_user --ilo_password my_secret_password

Docker compose

Here is an example of Docker Compose deployment:

    image: my.registry/hpilo-exporter
      - 9416:9416
      - '--port=9416'
          - node.hostname == my_node.domain


A helm chart is available at prometheus-helm-addons.

Prometheus config


  • the exporter is available on http://hpilo:9416
  • you use same the port,username and password for all your iLO
- job_name: 'hpilo'
  scrape_interval: 1m
    ilo_port: ['443']
    ilo_user: ['my_ilo_user']
    ilo_password: ['my_ilo_password']
    - targets:
      - ilo_fqdn.domain

    - source_labels: [__address__]
      target_label: __param_ilo_host
    - source_labels: [__param_ilo_host]
      target_label: ilo_host
    - target_label: __address__
      replacement: hpilo:8082  # hpilo exporter.

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hpilo-exporter-0.4.5.tar.gz (6.5 kB view hashes)

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