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Small tool created for management of hetzner dns service from commandline

Project description

hrdns is shortcut from h(etzner)r(obot)dns. I chosen shorter version because of possible license/trademark issues. provides great hosting services in western europe. As their client, I wanted to automate some
parts of our(me & my current company) infrastracture.
This tool covers dns-management in Hetzner's Robot panel.

You need access to pstats module from python's standard library. On ubuntu it
can be installed by following command:
sudo apt-get installl python-profiler
Then you can install hrdns by typing:
easy_install hrdns

Examples of commandline usage

List of maintaned domains: list -u<user> -p<password>

Add new domain: add -u<user> -p<password> -d -i

Delete domain: delete -u<user> -p<password> -d

Dump dns records: show -u<user> -p<password> -d

Updating dns recods (from file): update -u<user> -p<password> -d -f dnsrecords.txt

== Storing username and password in safe way ==
There 3 ways to pass username/password to script:
1. Passing it through params which is unsafe.
2. Environment variables HRDNS_USER, HRDNS_PASSWORD like this:
export HRDNS_USER=<user>
export HRDNS_PASSWORD=<password> list

3. By creating file ~/.hrdnsrc with source like this:

Q: I've deleted domain but it's still in ` list`!
A: It's caused by delay of Hetzner's panel. I didn't find better solution than just wait.

License notes
If you aren't monkey, horse, goat or any other extraterrestrial lifeform - use X11/BSD.
I'm not affiliated with the as a employee and i'm not representing them in any way.
Use this library/tool at your own risk. Don't be evil.

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