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Dynamic HTML code generation

Project description


Python library to dynamically generate html in an etree-like structure


Document(title=''): Your HTML document.


  • title: The title of your document. This is optional and can be specified later


  • Using str() on this object will return the formatted html content of the Document.


  • Document.children: The direct children of the document
  • Document.head: The head tag of the document (automatically generated)
  • Document.body: The body tag of the document (automatically generated)

Element(tag='p',attrs={},content=''): A single HTML element/tag


  • tag: The tag name, like div, p, or h1
  • attrs: The attributes of the element, in a dict
  • content: Text content of your tag


  • Using str() on this object will return the formatted html tag, including formatted html versions of all child tags
  • Using len(Element object) will return the number of children
  • Using Element[index] will return the element at that index
  • Using Element.append(new Element object instance) or Element.add_child(new Element object instance) adds a child Element to the Element


  • tag, attrs, content: See Args
  • children: The direct children on the Element

CSS(Dict={}): A utility class for generating CSS


  • Dict: Specifies a starting dictionary (Must be in form {selector: {property: value,property: value,property: value}, selector2: {property: value,property: value,property: value}})


  • del CSS[selector] and CSS[selector], respectively, delete and get the specified selector in the CSS object
  • add_sel(selector): Adds a selector to add properties to
  • add_property(selector, property, value): Adds property property with value value to selector selector
  • del_property(selector, property): Deletes property property from selector selector
  • str(CSS object): Returns a formatted CSS string


  • dict: The dictionary used by the CSS object. Can be edited directly, but could cause issues

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