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Pure Python Basic HTML validatation library - for CI, django tests, etc. Based on HTML5lib

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HTML5 text validation, provided by HTML5lib. Designed to integrate easily in django or other web development environments, to ensure templates actually render as intented, without dangling tags, or other nonsense.

Currently just uses HTML5lib’s parsing and linting, which is enough for me right now - it would be nice to have some more comprehensive checking, and possibly even write some valid-attribute checking - although that’s a BIG project.


>>> from html5validate import validate
>>> validate('<!doctype html><html><body><h1>Hi World!</h1></body></html>')
>>> validate('<!doctype html><html><body><h1>Hi World!</body></html>')
Traceback (most recent call last):
html5lib.html5parser.ParseError: Expected closing tag. Unexpected end of file.

So. You run ‘validate’ on some text, and it either returns None, or throws some kind of error at you.

With Django in tests:

from django.test import TestCase
from html5validate import validate

class TestIndexViewValid(TestCase):
   def test_basic_index(self):
      validate(self.client.get(reverse('index'), follow=True))


Very Early - I just pulled this out of some django view testing code in one of my other projects, as it seemed more sensible to have it as a stand-alone library that could be unit-tested and stuff, and I can use again easily.

Initial basic tests are here - but it should really have a LOT of tests written.


  • Write a bunch of tests to see how strict it really is.

  • Write some extra tree walkers and checkers to look for valid tags, and throw some decent exceptions, and have customisability, specify what tags users want, etc.

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