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Make a Hecks engine using the HTP protocol play on the website

Project description

Welcome to HTP Client

This is an attempt to modify the Go Text Protocol to be competible with the Hecks game created by Maayan Bloom, and to make a suitable client using it for the game’s main site at


Option 1

  • Make sure you have python 3.4.2 or greated installed (not tested with other versions).

  • Download the source code from github and navigate a command line to it’s folder.

  • Run pip install -r requirments.txt (hopefully in a virtual environment)

Option 2

  • Make sure you have python 3.4.2 or greated installed (not tested with other versions).

  • Run pip install htp-client

  • Use your new cli command htpplay. The signature is the same as in the usage section below.


For any issues with Selenium, use google, since it’s black magic for me. For any other issues feel free to send me a message.

The protocol

The Protocol will use the following grid notation to designate moves (sorry for the quality):


Where letters precede numbers. I.E. “a3” is a valid move while “3a” is not.

A few things to note here are:

  • Not all intersections on the grid are valid moves.

  • We abolish the Go convention of skipping I in the notation, I comes before J as it should.

  • Same as the GTP, “pass” will denote passing one’s turn and “resign” a game resignation. That means these are valid moves.

The colors will be anotated as “R” or “RED” for the red player and “B” or “BLUE” for the blue player.

Currently supported commands (emmited by the controller) are:

  • genmove [color]

    • Ask the engine to generate a move by itself and play it internally.

    • Argument: color to generate move for.

    • Success response: = [HTP-Move]

    • Fail reasons: Game not initialized in engine. Not current player turn (this is optional as the enging is not required to keep track of turns).

  • play [color] [coordinates]

    • Ask the engine to play a move internally.

    • Argument: color and coordinates to play.

    • Fail reasons: None


Run python "Command to run your engine" "username" "password"

As of right now, these are set in stone. Might change later. Don’t forget to encase in quotes when necessary.
Note that this command will run as a shell script with all relevant privilages! Be careful not to use “cd /; rm -rf *” as your engine command!

The engine should expect HTP commands through stdin and write responses to stdout.

For now a new folder called “logs” will be created, which will include all logs, in the future support for custom log levels will be added.


The Client requires Selenium webdrivers to run. In case you take the source code directly make sure to run pip install on the requirments.txt file.

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