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An implementation of the IETF HTTP Message Signatures draft standard

Project description

http-message-signatures is an implementation of the IETF RFC 9421 HTTP Message Signatures draft standard in Python.


pip3 install http-message-signatures


from http_message_signatures import HTTPMessageSigner, HTTPMessageVerifier, HTTPSignatureKeyResolver, algorithms
import requests, base64, hashlib, http_sfv

class MyHTTPSignatureKeyResolver(HTTPSignatureKeyResolver):
    keys = {"my-key": b"top-secret-key"}

    def resolve_public_key(self, key_id: str):
        return self.keys[key_id]

    def resolve_private_key(self, key_id: str):
        return self.keys[key_id]

request = requests.Request('POST', '', json={"hello": "world"})
request = request.prepare()
request.headers["Content-Digest"] = str(http_sfv.Dictionary({"sha-256": hashlib.sha256(request.body).digest()}))

signer = HTTPMessageSigner(signature_algorithm=algorithms.HMAC_SHA256, key_resolver=MyHTTPSignatureKeyResolver())
signer.sign(request, key_id="my-key", covered_component_ids=("@method", "@authority", "@target-uri", "content-digest"))

verifier = HTTPMessageVerifier(signature_algorithm=algorithms.HMAC_SHA256, key_resolver=MyHTTPSignatureKeyResolver())

Note that verifying the body content-digest is outside the scope of this package’s functionality, so it remains the caller’s responsibility. The requests-http-signature library builds upon this package to provide integrated signing and validation of the request body.

Given an HTTP request can potentially have multiple signatures the verify() method returns a list of VerifyResult s. However, the implementation currently supports just one signature, so the returned list currently contains just one element. If more signatures are found in the request then InvalidSignature is raised.

Additionally, the verify() method raises HTTPMessageSignaturesException or an exception derived from this class in case an error occurs (unable to load PEM key, unsupported algorithm specified in signature input, signature doesn’t match digest etc.)


  • Andrey Kislyuk


Licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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