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Edgegrid plugin for HTTPie.

Project description

# httpie-edgegrid

EdgeGrid plugin for [HTTPie](

## Installation

To install from sources:

` bash $ python install `

When using python 3 on Mac, replace python with python3:

` bash $ python3 install `

If you have problems installing from sources, you could use pip:

` bash $ pip install httpie-edgegrid `

## Running tests in virtual environment

To test in a [virtual environment](, run:

` bash $ python3 -m venv venv $ . venv/bin/activate $ pip install -r requirements_dev.txt $ python -m unittest discover `

## Usage

The EdgeGrid plugin relies on a .edgerc credentials file that needs to be created in your home directory and organized by [section] following the format below. Each [section] can contain a different credentials set allowing you to store all of your credentials in a single .edgerc file.

` [default] client_secret = xxxx host = xxxx # Note, don't include the https:// here access_token = xxxx client_token = xxxx max-body = xxxx [section1] client_secret = xxxx host = xxxx # Note, don't include the https:// here access_token = xxxx client_token = xxxx max-body = xxxx `

Once you have the credentials set up, here is an example of what an Akamai OPEN API call would look like:

` bash % http --auth-type edgegrid -a <section_name>: :/<api_endpoint> `

### Example

Making the diagnostic-tools API [locations]{.title-ref} call:

` bash % http --auth-type edgegrid -a default: :/edge-diagnostics/v1/edge-locations `

## Parameters


Path to .edgerc credentials file (optional, defaults to ~/.edgerc)

## Environment variables


Path to .edgerc credentials file (optional, equivalent to the –edgegrid-config parameter)

## Troubleshooting

MacOS Sierra users have reported the error "http: error: argument --auth-type/-A: invalid choice: 'edgegrid' (choose from 'basic', 'digest')" after installation. Try installing using pip instead.

The error "ImportError: ‘pyOpenSSL’ module missing required functionality. Try upgrading to v0.14 or newer" requires you to install an updated version of `pyOpenSSL`:

` bash $ pip install --ignore-installed pyOpenSSL `

Since v0.9.4 of httpie the Mac homebrew package is build with python3. If you get an error for "ImportError: No module named cryptography" then probably you installed httpie-edgegrid with python2.7 (unsupported). To explicitly install with python3 use:

` bash $ sudo python3 install `

Or with pip3:

` bash $ sudo pip3 install httpie-edgegrid `

## Advisories

Starting with HTTPie version 2.3.0 uploads are streamed, causing an issue posting JSON payloads as those don't include a content-length causing an error with the [Edgegrid authentication libraries]( See [Issue #49]( for more details

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