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EmsAuth plugin for HTTPie.

Project description

This HTTPie auth plugin implements Escher authentication for Emarsys API requests.


Be sure that HTTPie is installed, and install this plugin:

$ pip install httpie-ems-auth

After installing, you will see the option ems-auth under --auth-type if you run $ http --help.


Suiteable if you call the API of Suite

$ http --auth-type=ems-auth --auth=escher_key:escher_secret

The default Escher credential scope is “eu/suite/ems_request” which identifies Suite. If u are calling another service, you have to alter the credential scope like this:

$ http --auth-type=ems-auth --auth=eu/suite/ems_request/escher_key:escher_secret

Check out HTTPie sessions if you would like to save authentication information between your requests.

If you want to use in python code this example can help:
import escherauth
import datetime
from urlparse import urlparse
import requests

escher_key = 'test'
escher_secret = 'test'
options = {
            'algo_prefix': 'EMS',
            'vendor_key': 'EMS',
            'hash_algo': 'SHA256',
            'auth_header_name': 'X-Ems-Auth',
            'date_header_name': 'X-Ems-Date'

credential_scope = "test"

if "/" in escher_key:
    scope = escher_key.split("/")
    escher_key = scope.pop()
    credential_scope = "/".join(scope)

client = {'api_key': escher_key, 'api_secret': escher_secret}
escher = escherauth.Escher(credential_scope, options)

url = ''

r = requests.PreparedRequest()
now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
r.headers['X-Ems-Date'] = now.strftime('%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ')
parsed_uri = urlparse(r.url)
r.headers['Host'] = parsed_uri.netloc

f = escher.sign(r, client)
s = requests.Session()


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