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Hackable HTTP benchmarking tool.

Project description

This is a hackable python based HTTP/HTTPS benchmarking tool. It supports traffic proxying for both HTTP and HTTPS, thus also can be used to test performance of proxy servers.

It is implemented with asyncio and runs on Python >= 3.5. You can optionally use uvloop for better performance.


pip3 install httpmeter


httpmeter [options] URL


-h  Display usage information.

-c, --concurrency <N>
    How many requests should be executed in parallel.

-n, requests <N>
    How many requests to make in total.

-H, --header <custom-header>
    Additional headers to send with every request. Multiple entries
    allowed. E.g.
        --header "Connection: close" --header "User-Agent: benchmark"

-X, --proxy <http://user:pass@proxy:port>
    Proxy address. E.g. http://user1:pass123@localhost:8080

    Use uvloop to increase networking performance.

-p N, --process-count N
    Use N processes to distribute requests over separate CPU cores.
    By default uses the same number of processes as there are CPU

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Get dependencies:

$ virtualenv --python3 pyenv
$ pyenv/bin/pip install -r requirements/prod.txt

Run the benchmark:

$ pyenv/bin/python -m httpmeter -c 100 -n 500 \
    -X http://username:password@

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httpmeter-0.1.0.tar.gz (5.3 kB view hashes)

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