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huaweisms is a python api client for Huawei Modems.

Project description

Python HTTP API client for Huawei Modems

This is a python library to interact with a Huawei modem over HTTP API.

The library has been tested on these devices:

  • E5180
  • E8372
  • B315
  • e3372h

Please let me know if you tested it successfully with other modems as well.

Currently Supported

  • webserver
    • get_session_token_info: gets a session token to use
  • user
    • login: creates a new session on the HTTP API
  • sms
    • get_sms: get information from boxes: inbox, outbox
    • send_sms: sends an SMS through device's modem
    • delete_sms: deletes an sms from one of their boxes
    • sms_count: get the sms count on each box
  • ussd
    • status: get status of ussd. This will tell you if there are ussd messages available to read
    • send: sends a ussd message
    • get: retrieves a ussd message
  • wlan:
    • get_connected_hosts: gets a list of connected devices
    • block_host: blocks the device from network
    • unblock_host: unblock device on network
    • get_blocked_hosts: gets a list of blocked devices
    • is_host_blocked: checks if device is blocked
  • dialup:
    • connect_mobile: enables mobile (ie LTE / 4G / 3G / etc) network
    • disconnect_mobile: disables mobile network
    • get_mobile_status: checks the mobile connection status
  • device:
    • reboot: reboots the modem


Only requests library (and its dependencies) is required.

This is requirements.txt content:



pip install huawei-modem-api-client-through-proxy


import huaweisms.api.user
import huaweisms.api.wlan
import huaweisms.api.sms

ctx = huaweisms.api.user.quick_login("myusername", "mypassword")
# output: <ApiCtx modem_host=>

# sending sms
    'this is the sms message'

# connected devices
device_list = huaweisms.api.wlan.get_connected_hosts(ctx)

Note: The default modem host is assumed to be If that is not the case for you, you can specify your modem ip as follows:

import huaweisms.api.user
ctx = huaweisms.api.user.quick_login("myusername", "mypassword", modem_host='')

#output: <ApiCtx modem_host=>

Built With

  • requests - Python HTTP Requests for Humans™


Send me a PM if you want to contribute.


  • Pablo Santa Cruz - Owner - pablo
  • Mka Madlavana - Collaborator - dopstar


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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