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A library for the Philips Hue API

Project description


A python Library for the Philips Hue API


hue_snek is a python library for the Philips Hue API, that allows for easy API integration into other projects. The goal of this library is to provide the basic functions needed to interact with the Hue API, without unecessary functions.

I will add more documentation and progress reports in the following days.


  • connect to bridge
  • get light information (name, state, modelname, etc.)
  • set light parameters (on/off, brightness, hue, etc.)
  • get group information (name, on/off, colormode, etc.)
  • set group parameters (on/off, brightness, hue, etc.)
  • get scene information (name, assigned group(s), etc.)
  • set scene for group (via scene name)
  • get bridge information (name, mac, api-version, etc.)


  • Documentation


Basic usage of this library:

from hue_snek import Hue, Light

#setup bridge
h = Hue('', 'generic-username')

#to check the connection to the bridge use:
h.checkup()                     #returns 0 if connection and username OK

#to get Light information use either the Light or Hue class

Light(1, h).name                #(light id, bridge)
Light(1, h).brightness          #properties: name, brightness, hue, saturation, state

h.get_light(2, 'name')          #parameters: see hue api
h.get_lights('id')              #modes: obj (default, id, name, modelid

h.get_group(1, 'name')          #parameters: see hue api
h.get_groups('name')            #modes: all (default), name, type

#to set lights or groups use either the Light or Hue Class

Light(2, h).set('bri', '124')

h.set_light(1, 'on', 'true')

h.set_group(1, 'on', 'true')

#scenes can be accessed and set like this:

h.get_scenes('name')            #modes: all (default), name, group
h.set_scene(1, 'Chill')         #(group id, scene name)

info = h.get_bridge_info()

for param, value in info.items():
    print(param, value)


This project was inspired by Phue. Check it out :)

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