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Colored terminal text made easy for Python and happiness.

Project description

# Hues This is the 90s and your terminal can display _16_ glorious colors. Your Python scripts deserve the some color love. Hues makes printing to console in color easy. Just grab the package from PIP, and your monochromatic days will be a thing of past!

## Quickstart

Go, grab the latest version from PIP. Run:

`bash pip install hues `

Then, in your scripts, do this:

`python >>> import hues >>> hues.log('42') >>>'42') `

### Configuration



All the colors, styles and backgrounds are available as object attributes. The chainable syntax is optimized deterministically using a push down automaton, so when you’re being particularly indecisive, you can:

`python >>> print(hue('MONDAY!') `

and there won’t be a single trace of red in your bright yellow message to mondays.

Each hue string is self closing, so you can’t accidentally color your whole terminal yellow because you forgot the reset escape sequence.

## Colors

All 16 glorious ANSI colors are available for both background and foreground. Assorted text styles such as `bold`, italics`_ and <u>`underline`</u> are also available. Too many colors? Worry not fam, go to town with `reset attribute.

## Todo - [ ] Expand this readme. - [ ] Add screenshots! - [ ] Unicorns required.

> Back in my days, we didn’t even have colors!

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