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A TUI for Philips Hue

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a tui for Philips Hue

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huetui is a terminal user interface that allows for easy control of your Philips Hue lights. It uses the official Hue-Bridge-API to communicate with the lights and py_cui for the front-end.


Install huetui with:

pip install huetui

This should fetch all the necessary dependencies. Nevertheless, make sure that all dependencies are installed.

Launch huetui by typing huetui into your terminal.

Should you get the error command not found: huetui, restart your terminal.


These dependencies are needed for installing and running huetui.

  • python3
  • pip

The following dependencies are downloaded automatically when installing via pip. If you're cloning the repo, make sure to install them manually.

  • py_cui
  • colorthief
pip -U install py-cui colorthief

Setup process

huetui needs to be provided the bridge's IP and an authorized API user.

  1. Determine the bridge's IP, e.g. by opening your router's network tab and looking for a device with "Phillips-hue" as its hostname.

  2. Obtain an API user by following the official guide.

  3. Run huetui and input the information.

Using huetui

The status bar will show helpful information about navigation and keybindings.

  • Navigation is done using the arrow keys. You'll see a cursor move to the bottom right of the modules.
  • Selecting modules or items is done by pressing ENTER. The selected option will highlighted.
  • Light/group operations. Move to the desired light or group and:
    • toggle on/off: ENTER
    • decrease brightness: j
    • increase brightness: k
    • change color: c
  • To exit a module press ESC.
  • To quit the program simply press q while in the main overview (i.e. not inside a module).

Extra features

  • To set wallpaper colors press w while in the main overview.

Configuring huetui

The colors as well as other settings can be changed in huetui's config file ~/.config/huetui/ Here are all the available settings:

# sample config. Edit to your liking.
import py_cui.colors as colors
from huetui.backend.utils import Config
c = Config()
c.ip = ""
c.api_user = "O4qAaBl9LaXonrNlAu0Pzei3ianWAJuUzYuZpC2I"
c.tui_settings = {
	"unicode": True,
	"wallpaper": "~/Path/To/Wallpaper.jpg",
	"uicolors": {
		"main_ui": colors.WHITE_ON_BLACK,
		"selected": colors.CYAN_ON_BLACK,
		"border": colors.MAGENTA_ON_BLACK,
		"logo": colors.CYAN_ON_BLACK,
		"status_bar": colors.BLACK_ON_MAGENTA,
		"title_bar": colors.BLACK_ON_MAGENTA,

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