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humanreadable is a Python library to convert from human-readable values to Python values.

Project description


humanreadable is a Python library to convert from human-readable values to other units.

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Supported Unites

  • time (days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc.)
  • bit per seconds


Basic usages

Sample Code:
import humanreadable as hr

print("\n[Examples: humanreadable.Time]")
value = "120 sec"
print("'{}' to msecs -> {}".format(value, hr.Time(value).milliseconds))
print("'{}' to minutes -> {}".format(value, hr.Time(value).minutes))

print("\n[Examples: humanreadable.BitPerSecond]")
value = "1 Gbps"
print("'{}' to Mbps -> {}".format(value, hr.BitPerSecond(value).mega_bps))
print("'{}' to Kbps -> {}".format(value, hr.BitPerSecond(value).kilo_bps))
print("'{}' to Kibps -> {}".format(value, hr.BitPerSecond(value).kibi_bps))
[Examples: humanreadable.Time]
'120 sec' to msecs -> 120000.0
'120 sec' to minutes -> 2.0

[Examples: humanreadable.BitPerSecond]
'1 Gbps' to Mbps -> 1000.0
'1 Gbps' to Kbps -> 1000000.0
'1 Gbps' to Kibps -> 953674.31640625

Set default unit

Unit for an instance is determined by input value. If a valid unit not found, default_unit will be used for the instance (defaults to None).

Sample Code:
import humanreadable as hr

print(hr.Time("1", default_unit=hr.Time.Unit.SECOND))
1.0 seconds


Available units for humanreadable.Time
Unit Available specifiers (str)
days d/day/days
hours h/hour/hours
minutes m/min/mins/minute/minutes
seconds s/sec/secs/second/seconds
milliseconds ms/msec/msecs/millisecond/milliseconds
microseconds us/usec/usecs/microsecond/microseconds
Available units for humanreadable.BitPerSecond
Unit Available specifiers (str)
bps bps/bit/s
Kbps [kK]bps/[kK]bit/s
Kibps [kK]ibps/[kK]ibit/s
Mbps [mM]bps/[mM]bit/s
Mibps [mM]ibps/[mM]ibit/s
Gbps [gG]bps/[gG]bit/s
Gibps [gG]ibps/[gG]ibit/s
Tbps [tT]bps/[tT]bit/s
Tibps [tT]ibps/[tT]ibit/s


Installation: pip

pip install humanreadable

Installation: apt (for Ubuntu)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thombashi/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python3-humanreadable


Python 3.5+

Download files

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