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A hy kernel for IPython

Project description

# [hy_kernel][]

[![build-badge][]][build] [![pypi-badge][]][pypi]

A simple [Jupyter][] kernel for [Hy](, a pythonic lisp.

[![](screenshot.png) _The Hy tutorial as a Jupyter Notebook_][tutorial]

## Features
- basic REPL functionality
- autocomplete with most special Hy constructs
- syntax highlighting from [lighttable-hylang][]
- [cell and line magics][magic]
- [interactive widgets][widgets]
- [pretty good tests][build]

## Installation

### pip
pip install hy_kernel

### docker
You can try out Hy Kernel in Docker with [Docker Compose][docker-compose]:

git clone
cd hy_kernel && docker-compose up

## Execution
To start the notebook in your directory of choice, with a running Hy kernel:

ipython console --kernel hy

Or the notebook web GUI:

ipython notebook

ipython qtconsole --kernel hy

Your GUI might have a kernel selector: In the Web GUI it's in the
upper-right-hand corner. Find it, and select `Hy` kernel from the kernel

![IPython Kernel Selector][kernel-selector]

## Implementation
This kernel subclasses [IPythonKernel][] directly, as opposed to using
[KernelBase][], which would probably the correct thing to do. This works, but
might be brittle. Each cell is run through [astor][], so you're actually
seeing hy → ast → py → ast. While this probably incurs additional overhead,
the benefits (free magics, widgets, all the history works) are just too great to
give up.

## Limitations

### QtConsole
A lot of things don't work quite right in the qt console, and this will not be
supported to the same extent as the HTML notebook and terminal console.

### Operators

_Issue #5_

Use of operators e.g. `*`, `+`, `/` as the left-most atom in an expression appears to
;; works
(+ 1 1)

Using operators as just about anything else doesn't:
;; breaks
(reduce + [1 2 3])

#### Workaround
Use the `operator` module:

(import (operator (mul add)))
(reduce mul [1 2 3])

This will probably need to be fixed upstream.

### Magic
Cell and line magics are "supported", with the following caveats.

#### "Inline" Line Magics

_Issue #13_

Because we don't have much whitespace control over what gets compiled, and can't
do dirty tricks with comments (the hy compiler strips them), inline/indented
line magics are probably not going to work.

;; breaks
(if True (

#### Raw Magics
Additionally, cell magics that should _not_ be parsed as Hy need to be _extra_-
magiced, with `%%%`. This is because there is no way to know whether a
particular magic expects python, or some other crazy thing e.g. html, ruby,
a file... not that `%%file` works anyway (see #12).

<h1>This Breaks!</h1>

breaks, while

<h1>This Works!</h1>


## Collaboration
Issues, pull requests, and forks are all supported and encouraged on the [Github

This [discussion on `hylang-discuss`][discuss] is also a good place to chime in.

Additionally, the [Jupyter list][] can provide a larger perspective on how this
stuff fits into the larger picture of interactive computing.

[Jupyter list]:!forum/jupyter
[magic]: notebooks/Magics.ipynb
[widgets]: notebooks/Widgets.ipynb

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