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Peer to Peer B-tree

Project description


A peer-to-peer append-only B-tree built on Hypercore. Compatible with the JavaScript version.

$ cargo add hyperbee


From the examples:

use hyperbee::Hyperbee;

async fn main() -> Result<(), Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let hb = Hyperbee::from_ram().await?;
    // Insert "world" with key "hello"
    hb.put(b"hello", Some(b"world")).await?;

    // Get the value for key "hello"
    let Some((_seq, Some(val))) = hb.get(b"hello").await? else {
        panic!("could not get value");
    assert_eq!(val, b"world");

    // Trying to get a non-exsitant key returns `None`
    let res = hb.get(b"no key here").await?;
    assert_eq!(res, None);

    // Deleting a key returns `true` if it was present
    let res = hb.del(b"hello").await?;

    // Getting deleted key returns `None`
    let res = hb.get(b"hello").await?;
    assert_eq!(res, None);


Foreign Language Bindings

We use UniFFI to generate libraries for other languages. To build the library for python run:

cargo build -F ffi && cargo run -F ffi --bin uniffi-bindgen generate --library target/debug/ --language python --out-dir out

This generates a file out/, which an be used. This file requires that be present alongside the .py file. Distributable python packages are still a work-in-progress. Currently only Python is tested. See the tests for example usage.

Parity with JS Hyperbee

  • full functional interoperability with JS Hyperbee files
  • read, write, and delete operations
  • in-order key streaming like JS's createReadStream
  • support gt, lt, etc bounds for key streaming
  • accept compare-and-swap for put and del.
  • support prefixed key operations like JS's sub
  • one-to-one binary output

Future work

  • Build FFI wrappers
  • improved wire format
  • configurable tree parameters


Run the tests with $ cargo test.

Project details

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Uploaded Python 3 manylinux: glibc 2.34+ x86-64

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