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Meiantech, iAlarm, Antifurto365, AllarmiWireless and other alarm systems support

Project description

# Python client for iAlarm

Also compatible with Meiantech, Allarmi365, and others

## Usage example

#!/usr/bin/env python
import asyncio

from ialarmclient import IalarmClient

async def start():
ialarm = IalarmClient(
username="username", # <- Your alarm web interface username
password="password", # <- Your alarm web interface password
url="" # <- Your alarm web interface URL (no trailing slash)

# Refresh alarm status, to be called every time you need to read updated information
# May take up to 30-40 seconds the first time. Subsequent calls will be almost immediate.
await ialarm.refresh()

# Retrieve information about your alarm zones (name, status, etc...)
zones = await ialarm.get_zones()
for zone in zones:
if zone.type != ialarmclient.ZONE_TYPE_DISABLED:
print("Zone {} is {}".format(zone.number,
# Other information can be read (see IalarmZone)

# Retrieve alarm status (armed, disarmed, power failure, etc...)
status = await ialarm.get_status()

# Commands to arm/disarm your system
await ialarm.arm_stay()
await ialarm.arm_away()
await ialarm.disarm()
await ialarm.cancel_alarm()

# List all zones in alarm
status = await ialarm.get_status()
for alarmed_zone in status.alarmed_zones:
print("Zone {} is alarmed".format(

# Status information for your system
if status.power_source_failure:
print("Power failure")

if status.low_battery:
print("Low battery")

if status.panic_alarm:
print("Panic alarm triggered")

if status.arm_status == ialarmclient.STATUS_ARMED_AWAY:
print("System armed")
elif status.arm_status == ialarmclient.STATUS_ARMED_STAY:
print("System armed (STAY)")
elif status.arm_status == ialarmclient.STATUS_DISARMED:
print("System disarmed")

if __name__ == "__main__":
loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


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