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iCalendar parser/generator

Project description

Internet Calendaring and Scheduling (iCalendar) for Python

The `icalendar`_ package is a parser/generator of iCalendar files for use
with Python.


:Mailing list:
:Dependencies: There are no other dependencies.
:Tested with: Python 2.4 - 2.7
:License: ???


About this fork which is not a fork anymore

Aim of this fork was to bring this package up to date with latest icalendar
`RFC`_ specification as part of ``_ project which goal is to
bring recurrent evens to `Plone`_.

After some thoughts we (Plone developers involved with ``_) send
a suggestion to to take over mainaining of
`icalendar`_. Nobody object and since version 2.2 we are back to development.

.. _`icalendar`:
.. _``:
.. _`Plone`:
.. _`RFC`:


3.0.1b1 (2012-02-24)

* Update Release information.


* Add API for proper Timezone support. Allow creating ical DATE-TIME strings
with timezone information from Python datetimes with pytz based timezone
information and vice versa.

* Unify API to only use to_ical and from_ical and remove any __str__ API
definitions. This is one requirement for Python 3 compatibility.

2.2 (2011-08-24)

* migration to using svn2git preserving
tags, branches and authors.

* using tox for testing on python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.6.

* fixed tests so they pass also under python 2.7.

* running tests on (only 2.6 for now)
with some other metrics (pylint, clonedigger, coverage).

* review and merge changes from fork.

* created sphinx documentation and started documenting development and goals.

* hook out github repository to service so sphinx
documentation is generated on each commit (for master). Documentation can be
visible on:

2.1 (2009-12-14)

* Fix deprecation warnings about ``object.__init__`` taking no parameters.

* Set the VALUE parameter correctly for date values.

* Long binary data would be base64 encoded with newlines, which made the
iCalendar files incorrect. (This still needs testing).

* Correctly handle content lines which include newlines.

2.0.1 (2008-07-11)

* Made the tests run under Python 2.5+

* Renamed the UTC class to Utc, so it would not clash with the UTC object,
since that rendered the UTC object unpicklable.

2.0 (2008-07-11)

* EXDATE and RDATE now returns a vDDDLists object, which contains a list
of vDDDTypes objects. This is do that EXDATE and RDATE can contain
lists of dates, as per RFC.

***Note!***: This change is incompatible with earlier behavior, so if you
handle EXDATE and RDATE you will need to update your code.

* When createing a vDuration of -5 hours (which in itself is nonsensical),
the ical output of that was -P1DT19H, which is correct, but ugly. Now
it's '-PT5H', which is prettier.

1.2 (2006-11-25)

* Fixed a string index out of range error in the new folding code.

1.1 (2006-11-23)

* Fixed a bug in caselessdicts popitem. (thanks to Michael Smith

* The RFC 2445 was a bit unclear on how to handle line folding when it
happened to be in the middle of a UTF-8 character. This has been clarified
in the following discussion:
And this is now implemented in iCalendar. It will not fold in the middle of
a UTF-8 character, but may fold in the middle of a UTF-8 composing character

1.0 (2006-08-03)

* make get_inline and set_inline support non ascii codes.

* Added support for creating a python egg distribution.

0.11 (2005-11-08)

* Changed component .from_string to use types_factory instead of hardcoding
entries to 'inline'

* Changed UTC tzinfo to a singleton so the same one is used everywhere

* Made the parser more strict by using regular expressions for key name,
param name and quoted/unquoted safe char as per the RFC

* Added some tests from the schooltool icalendar parser for better coverage

* Be more forgiving on the regex for folding lines

* Allow for multiple top-level components on .from_string

* Fix vWeekdays, wasn't accepting relative param (eg: -3SA vs -SA)

* vDDDTypes didn't accept negative period (eg: -P30M)

* 'N' is also acceptable as newline on content lines, per RFC

0.10 (2005-04-28)

* moved code to subversion.

* reorganized package structure so that source code is under 'src' directory.
Non-package files remain in distribution root.

* redid doc/.py files as doc/.txt, using more modern doctest. Before they
were .py files with big docstrings.

* added testrunner, and tests/ that picks up all
doctests in source code and doc directory, and runs them, when typing::


* renamed iCalendar to lower case package name, lowercased, de-pluralized and
shorted module names, which are mostly implementation detail.

* changed tests so they generate .ics files in a temp directory, not in the structure itself.

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