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A utility to generate random Icelanders

Project description

Icelander generator

Icelander generator is a tool made to generate a bunch of icelanders.


Icelander generator uses a list of male and female names scraped from and the kennitala pypi package ( to generate random people with proper icelandic names and kennitala. It can be very useful for testing purposes where a bunch of icelanders are required. Can also just be used for fun, I guess.


Inside your virtualenv run

$ pip install icelander-generator



from icelander_generator import Icelander

icelander = Icelander()

# Generate a random person
# Returns {
#   'ssn': '{random ssn}',
#   'gender': '{randomly selected gender},
#   'firstname': '{randomly selected first name based on gender}',
#   'lastname': '{randomly selected last name based on gender}',
# }

# Generate a woman born in 1981
icelander.get_random_person(gender='female', year=1981)
# Returns {
#   'ssn': '{random ssn from year 1981}',
#   'gender': 'female',
#   'firstname': '{randomly selected first name based on gender}',
#   'lastname': '{randomly selected last name based on gender}',
# }

# Return a list of randomly generated people of random age and gender

# Return a list of randomly generated women born in 1981
icelander.get_random_people(10, gender='female', year=1981)

# Dump result from get_random_people to a json file
icelander.dump_random_people_to_file(filename='dump.json', num_people=10, gender='female', year='1981')


from icelander_generator.address import Address

ad = Address()

# Get random address

# Get random address in Reykjavík

# Get random address in 101 PO code

# Get random address, but only up to street number 23

Future ideas

  • More gender options?
  • Middle names
  • Company generator

I'm also open for suggestions and pull requests on

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