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Python script (and library) for exporting icons from icon fonts (e.g. Font Awesome, Octicons) as PNG images.

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Python script (and library) for easy and simple export of icons from web icon fonts (e.g. Font Awesome, Octicons) as PNG images. The best part is the provided shell script, but you can also use it’s functionality directly in your (probably awesome) Python project.

There’s also font-awesome-to-png script for backwards compatibility with the first iteration of the concept.


Make sure you have required packages for Pillow installation.

>From PyPI (recommended):

$ pip install icon_font_to_png

With git clone:

$ git clone
$ pip install -r icon-font-to-png/requirements.txt
$ cd icon-font-to-png/bin


As reported here, to install it on OS X:

$ pip install icon_font_to_png --ignore-installed six


usage: icon-font-to-png [-h] [--list] [--download {font-awesome,octicons}]
                        [--ttf TTF-FILE] [--css CSS-FILE] [--size SIZE]
                        [--scale SCALE] [--color COLOR] [--filename FILENAME]
                        [icons [icons ...]]

Exports font icons as PNG images.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --list                list all available icon names and exit
  --download {font-awesome,octicons}
                        download latest icon font and exit

required arguments:
  --ttf TTF-FILE        path to TTF file
  --css CSS-FILE        path to CSS file

exporting icons:
  icons                 names of the icons to export (or 'ALL' for all icons)
  --size SIZE           icon size in pixels (default: 16)
  --scale SCALE         scaling factor between 0 and 1, or 'auto' for
                        automatic scaling (default: auto); be careful, as
                        setting it may lead to icons being cropped
  --color COLOR         color name or hex value (default: black)
  --filename FILENAME   name of the output file (without '.png' extension);
                        it's used as a prefix if multiple icons are exported
  --keep_prefix         do not remove common icon prefix (i.e. 'fa-arrow-
                        right' instead of 'arrow-right')


Download latest Font Awesome:

$ icon-font-to-png --download font-awesome

List all available icons:

$ icon-font-to-png --css font-awesome.css --ttf fontawesome-webfont.ttf --list

Export ‘play’ and ‘stop’ icons, size 64x64:

$ icon-font-to-png --css font-awesome.css --ttf fontawesome-webfont.ttf --size 64 play stop

Export all icons in blue:

$ icon-font-to-png --css font-awesome.css --ttf fontawesome-webfont.ttf --color blue ALL

Export all icons in blue, but using it’s hex value:

$ icon-font-to-png --css font-awesome.css --ttf fontawesome-webfont.ttf --color '#0000ff' ALL

Or you can use font-awesome-to-png, without css and ttf arguments:

$ font-awesome-to-png ALL


You can use IconFont (and IconFontDownloader for that matter) directly inside your Python project. There’s no proper documentation as of now, but the code is commented and should be pretty straightforward to use.

That said - feel free to ask me via email or [GitHub issues][github add issue] if anything is unclear.


Package was tested with the help of py.test and tox on Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 (see tox.ini).

Code coverage is available at Coveralls.

To run tests yourself you need to run tox inside the repository:

$ pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
$ tox


Package source code is available at GitHub.

Feel free to use, ask, fork, star, report bugs, fix them, suggest enhancements, add functionality and point out any mistakes. Thanks!


Developed and maintained by Pythonity.

Original version by Michał Wojciechowski, refactored by Paweł Adamczak.

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