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Note down your ideas and get them to the right place, without switching away from your terminal

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Do you have ideas suddenly and just wished you could catch them as fast as possible, as to not loose them, without having to interrupt what you were doing?

As I guy with a lot of more or less stupid ideas, I use Google Keep as a centralized place to put all of my thoughts that I deem worthy of consideration.

I recently started to use GitHub Projects for coding project ideas as a single project called "incubator" on my GitHub profile directly, and as issues or notes when the idea is related to an already-existing project and repo.

But when I don't get to decide when this idea comes, and I often need to interrupt what am I doing to open github, get to the right page, input my idea and get back. And I find it frustrating.

Enough rambling. Here's what you came for.

Note down your ideas and get them to the right place, without switching away from your terminal


Ideaseed is available on

pip install ideaseed

See Installation troubleshooting if you can't install it like this.


Except if you specify --no-check-updates, the program will automatically check for new versions and ask to upgrade for you (since v0.4.0). If you want to upgrade manually, simply run

pip install -U ideaseed

To see the version history, you can read the changelog, though, since v0.9.0, you can read the release notes straight from your terminal by choosing "What has changed?" when the "Upgrade available" notification asks you if you want to update.


ideaseed (--help | --about | --version)
ideaseed [options] ARGUMENTS...


# Save a card "test" in schoolsyst/webapp > project "UX" > column "To-Do"
$ ideaseed schoolsyst/webapp UX "test"
# Save a card "lorem" in your-username/ipsum > project "ipsum" > column "To-Do"
$ ideaseed ipsum "lorem"
# Save a card "a CLI to note down ideas named ideaseed" in your user profile > project "incubator" > column "willmake"
$ ideaseed --user-keyword=project --user-project=incubator project "a CLI to note down ideas named ideaseed"


Argument Meaning Default value
REPO Select a repository by name
If not given, uses Google Keep instead of GitHub (or uses your user profile's projects if --project is used)
If --user-keyword's value is given, creates a card on your user's project (select which project with --user-project)
If given in the form OWNER/REPO, uses the repository OWNER/REPO
If given in the form REPO, uses the repository "your username/REPO"
PROJECT Select a project by name to put your card to [default: REPO's value] REPO's value
If creating a card on your user's project, this becomes the COLUMN
COLUMN Select a project's column by name [default: To-Do] To-Do
If creating a card on your user's project, this is ignored


Shorthand Full-length Description
-c --color COLOR Chooses which color to use for Google Keep cards. See Color names for a list of valid values
-t --tag TAG Adds tags to the Google Keep card. Can also be used on GitHub together with --issue to add labels to the issue.
-i --issue TITLE Creates an issue with title TITLE.
-L --logout Clears the authentification cache
-m --create-missing Create non-existant tags, projects or columns specified (needs confirmation if -I is used)
-o --open Open the relevant URL in your web browser.
-l --label LABEL Alias for --tag. See --tag's description.
-@ --assign-to USERNAME Assigns users to the created issue. Only works when --issue is used.
-M --milestone TITLE Assign the issue to a milestone with title TITLE.
--pin Pin the Google Keep card
--config Easily configure your ideaseed and create your alias. See Configuration options
--about Details about ideaseed like currently-installed version
--version Like --about, without dumb and useless stuff

Configuration options

Use ideaseed --config to set those up automagically. It will ask you questions and append an 'alias' command to your shell's config/rc file.

Flag Description
--user-project NAME Name of the project to use as your user project
--user-keyword NAME When REPO is NAME, creates a GitHub card on your user profile instead of putting it on REPO
--no-auth-cache Don't save credentials in a temporary file
--no-check-for-updates Don't check for updates, don't prompt to update when current version is outdated
--no-self-assign Don't assign the issue to yourself
--default-column NAME Set the default column name. [default: To Do]
--default-project NAME Set the default project name. [default: %(repository)s]

Available placeholders for --default-*-options

Placeholder Description
%(repository)s the repository's name
%(owner)s the repository's owner
%(username)s the username of which account you are using ideaseed with
%(project)s the selected project's name (only available to --default-column)

Color names

  • blue
  • brown
  • darkblue
  • gray
  • green
  • orange
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • teal
  • white
  • yellow

You don't have to specify the whole color name, just enough to be non-ambiguous:

  • bl
  • br
  • d
  • gra
  • gre
  • o
  • pi
  • pu
  • r
  • t
  • w
  • y

Some color have aliases:

  • cyan is the same as teal
  • indigo is the same as darkblue
  • grey is the same as gray
  • magenta is the same as purple

Relax. You don't need to remember those options (Coming in v1.0.0)

You can also use ideaseed -I to prompt you for some information:

  • Where do you want to upload this idea? (github, google keep)
  • If you decide to use github,
    • On your profile?
    • If not:
      • Which repo? (using REPO or OWNER/REPO) (autocompletes with repositories you contribute to)
      • Which column? (choices are the column names, and you can type the column's index to be quicker)
  • If you decide to use google keep,
    • Which color? (defaults to white)
    • Some tags?

Installation troubleshooting

If you get an error message saying "No matching distribution found":

$ pip install ideaseed
Collecting ideaseed
  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement ideaseed (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for ideaseed

See if the python version pip uses is at least 3.6:

$ pip --version
pip 9.0.1 from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages (python 2.7) # Should be at least "(python 3.6)"

You can then try with pip3 (pip3 --version should report a python version of at least 3.6):

$ pip3 --version
pip 20.0.2 from /home/ewen/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pip (python 3.7)
$ pip3 install ideaseed


ideaseed by Ewen Le Bihan


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