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Project description

Made with pop, a Python implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming Made with Python

Idem plugin with built-in functions


An Idem plugin containing common functions that you can run with the state. You can use argument binding to pass the output of these common functions to other Idem plugin resource states, such as in idem-aws, idem-k8s, or other Idem plugins.

What is POP?

This project is built with pop, a Python-based implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming (POP). POP seeks to bring together concepts and wisdom from the history of computing in new ways to solve modern computing problems.

For more information:

Getting Started


  • Python 3.8+

  • git (if installing from source or contributing to the project)

    To contribute to the project and set up your local development environment, see CONTRIBUTING.rst in the source repository for this project.


You can install idem-core-functions with the Python package installer (PyPI) or from source.

Install from PyPI

pip install idem-core-functions

Install from Source

# clone repo
git clone git@<your-project-path>/idem-core-functions.git
cd idem-core-functions

# Setup venv
python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .



After installation, idem-core-functions execution modules are accessible to the pop hub.

For more information:

You are now ready to use idem-core-functions.

Exec Module

An SLS file specifies the desired state of a resource. You can run an exec module within an SLS file using the state, where the exec module returns a new state that can be referenced with argument binding.

  • core.encoding.base64encode

    Apply Base64 encoding to a string.

  • core.encoding.base64decode

    Restore a Base64 encoded character string to the original string.

  • core.conversion.to_json

    Serialize an object to a string of JSON.

  • core.collection.distinct

    For a given list, return a new list with any duplicate elements removed.

  • core.collection.flatten

    For a given list, replace any elements that are lists with a flattened sequence of that list.

  • core.collection.element

    Retrieve a single element from a list.

  • core.collection.length

    Determine the length of a given list, map, or string.


    - path: core.encoder.base64.encode
    - kwargs:
        data: test-user-name:test-password

    - path: core.encoder.base64.decode
    - kwargs:
        encoded_data: dGVzdC11c2VyLW5hbWU6dGVzdC1wYXNzd29yZA==

    - path: core.conversion.to_json
    - kwargs:
        data: '{
          "cluster_name":  "idem-eks-test",
          "region": "ap-south-1",

    - path: core.encryption.gpg.encrypt
    - kwargs:
        data: test-data-for-encryption

    - path: "example/"

    - path: core.encoder.base64.encode
    - kwargs:
        data: "${}:${}"

    - resource_id: {{ params.get('kubernetes_secret.registry-secret-example') }}
    - metadata:
        name: "registrysecret-example"
    - string_data:
        ".dockerconfigjson": |+
                               "auths": {
                                 "": {
                                   "auth": "${exec:idem.core.b64Encode.test-2:data}"
    - type: ""

    - path: core.encryption.gpg.encrypt
    - kwargs:
        data: test-data-for-encryption

Idem command line examples:

idem exec exec.core.encoding.base64encode data=sample-data
idem exec exec.core.encoding.base64decode encoded_data=dGVzdC11c2VyLW5hbWU6dGVzdC1wYXNzd29yZA==

Current Supported Exec Functions


  • conversion

  • collection

  • encoder

  • encryption

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