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Generic sls-source plugins for idem

Project description

Made with pop, a Python implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming Made with Python

Generic sls-source plugins for idem


This project provides generic sls-sources for idem. sls-sources can be used to collect params data or state definitions.

What is POP?

This project is built with pop, a Python-based implementation of Plugin Oriented Programming (POP). POP seeks to bring together concepts and wisdom from the history of computing in new ways to solve modern computing problems.

For more information:

Getting Started


  • Python 3.8+

  • git (if installing from source, or contributing to the project)


If wanting to use idem-sources, you can do so by either installing from PyPI or from source.

Install from PyPI

pip install idem-sources

Install from source

# clone repo
git clone
cd idem-sources

# Setup venv
python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -e .


SLS sources are directory trees, archives, and remote stores that contain sls files. SLS and param sources can come from many different places. The plugins that can be used to process SLS sources are in idem/idem/sls.

The format for an sls sources is:


The format for authenticated sls sources is:


The named acct profile associated with the protocol_plugin provider will have it’s values passed to ctx.acct of the appropriate “cache” function.

File sources that have a mimetype, such as zip files, will be unarchived before further processing.

This is an example of an idem config file that specifies sls_sources and param_sources:

    - file://path/to/sls_tree
    - file://path/to/
    - git://
    - git+
    - git+
    - git+ssh://
    - file://path/to/sls_tree
    - file://path/to/
    - git://
    - git+
    - git+
    - git+ssh://

sls_sources and param_sources can also be specified from the CLI.

$ idem state my.sls.ref \
      --sls-sources \
      "file://path/to/sls_tree" \
      "file://path/to/" \
      "git://" \
      --param-sources \
      "file://path/to/sls_tree" \
      "file://path/to/" \


Reference the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


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