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idlespork is an improved version of IDLE

Project description


IdleSpork is an extension of python’s IDLE.

The main features include:

  • Background jobs

  • Running shell commands directly from IdleSpork

  • Getting help by typing “?”

  • Printing source code by typing “??”

  • Persistent history (across multiple sessions)

  • Spelling and import suggestions


IdleSpork supports the following commands:

  • jobs

  • kill

  • cd

  • open

To print help for a command, type “<command> -h”.

Control-Z (background jobs)

After running a jobs that takes a lot of time, you can press Control-Z. This will move your job to the background and return to the prompt immediately, with the same global scope (meaning all variables and functions are there). The following line will be printed:

**** [0] ....... - Background ****

The number [0] is the Job ID, you will need it to get the results of the job.

When your job is done, you will get the message:

**** [0]  Done ****

The command jobs gives you access to all the jobs you sent. Without arguments jobs will print all the running jobs. jobs -a prints all jobs (including the dead ones). jobs -o<jobid> prints the output of a job. The output of a job can be accessed using Jobs[jobid].getoutput(). The return value of your job (which is normally save into ‘_’) can be accessed using Jobs[jobid].ret.

The Jobs variable: this variable manages all jobs. Everything you can do using the commands, you can also do using this variable. If you lose this variable use can run: jobs -gJobs to restore it.

Shell Commands

IdleSpork gives you the ability to run shell programs directly from your python interpreter. For example, you can run ls, cat, sysinfo and so on. In order to run a command, type ‘!’ and then type your command. IdleSpork also allows you to store the output of a command into a variable. For example:

x = !ls -l

will store the results of ls -l into the variable x.


  • DON’T use this feature to run tty commands (vim, top, …).

  • Currently there is no input support for shell commands.

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