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Returns IDN restriction level of a string.

Project description

# IDNCheck

IDNcheck performs safety checks on international domain names. This might be useful if you want to see how likely a given domain is to be used for nefarious purposes such as phishing. It returns the unicode restriction level passed by a string, as described in Unicode Technical Standard #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms (see References).

Note: On first run, it will automatically download a file if it doesn’t exist:

## How to use

Typical usage might look something like this:

python >>> import idncheck >>> idncheck.idncheck(“hello”) 1 >>> idncheck.idncheck(“φilosoφia”) 42 >>> idncheck.idncheck(“φilosoφia”, 3) # FIXME True >>> idncheck.idncheck(“paypal”) 1 >>> idncheck.idncheck(“paypаl”) 4 >>> idncheck.idncheck(“раура1”) 4


#!/usr/bin/env python

import idncheck

idncheck.idencheck(“φilosoφia”, 3): # FIXME

print(“I see what you’re doing there”)

## References

This tool serves as an implementation of the Restriction-Level detection described in Unicode Technical Standard #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms:

Additional use cases and details are available in these blog posts:


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