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iFormBuilder API Wrapper

Project description


The IFB-Wrapper is an open-source project to simplify and standardize integrations with the iFormBuilder software. Written in Python, IFB-Wrapper allows you to rapidly begin creating integrations without the headache of learning the ins and outs of API authentication and structure.


To install the ifb-wrapper ensure you have Python3+ installed. Download using pip install ifb-wrapper.

Getting Started

To start a new project, begin by importing the library:

from ifb import IFB

To create an API object, pass the server name, client id, and client secret to IFB()

from ifb import IFB

api = IFB("","**********","**********")

That's it! The IFB object requires the credentials necessary to request an access token. For more information on creating an iFormBuilder API App please visit:

How to Contribute

This library is a work in progress and any help is appreciated. There are several ways to contribute to this project outlined below:

  • Use the library and share your experience
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Requesting Features
  • Submitting Pull Requests linked to an Bug or Feature

iFormBuilder Resource Reference

Extra Functions

Function Description
genPassword(n) Return a password n characters long that includes a minimum of 1 special character, uppercase letter, and digit
sortOptionList(profile_id,option_list_id,reverse) Sort a given option list by key value. Reverse sort order if reverse True
replaceRecords(profile_id,page_id,data) Delete all records in a table and create records from data
deletePersonalData(profile_id,page_id) Delete data in elements with 'Personal Data' checkbox

Token Resource

Method Resource Function
POST Token requestAccessToken()


Method Resource Function
POST Profile createProfile
GET Profile readProfile
GET Profiles readProfiles
GET * readAllProfiles
PUT Profile updateProfile
DELETE Profile deleteProfile
DELETE Profiles deleteProfiles
Method Resource Function
GET Company Info readCompanyInfo


Method Resource Function
POST Users createUsers
GET User readUser
GET Users readUsers
GET * readAllUsers
PUT User updateUser
PUT Users updateUsers
DELETE User deleteUser
DELETE Users deleteUsers
Method Resource Function
POST User Group createUserGroups
GET User readUserGroup
GET User Groups readUserGroups
PUT User Group updateUserGroup
PUT User Groups updateUserGroups
DELETE User Group deleteUserGroup
DELETE User Groups deleteUserGroups
Method Resource Function
POST User Page Assignments createUserPageAssignments
GET User Page Assignment readUserPageAssignment
GET User Page Assignments readUserPageAssignments
GET * readAllUserPageAssignments
PUT User Page Assignment updateUserPageAssignment
PUT User Page Assignments updateUserPageAssignments
DELETE User Page Assignment deleteUserPageAssignment
DELETE User Page Assignments deleteUserPageAssignments
Method Resource Function
POST User Record Assignments createUserRecordAssignments
GET User Record Assignment readUserRecordAssignment
GET User Record Assignments readUserRecordAssignments
PUT User Record Assignment updateUserRecordAssignment
PUT User Record Assignments updateUserRecordAssignments
DELETE User Record Assignment deleteUserRecordAssignment
DELETE User Record Assignments deleteUserRecordAssignments


Method Resource Function
POST Page createPage
GET Page readPage
GET Pages readPages
GET * readAllPages
PUT Page updatePage
PUT Pages updatePages
DELETE Page deletePage
DELETE Pages deletePages
Method Resource Function
POST Page Group createPageGroup
GET Page Group readPageGroup
GET Page Groups readPageGroups
PUT Page Group updatePageGroup
PUT Page Groups updatePageGroups
DELETE Page Group deletePageGroup
DELETE Page Groups deletePageGroups
Method Resource Function
POST Page Assignments createPageAssignments
GET Page Assignment readPageAssignment
GET Page Assignments readPageAssignments
GET * readAllPageAssignments
PUT Page Assignment updatePageAssignment
PUT Page Assignments updatePageAssignments
DELETE Page Assignment deletePageAssignment
DELETE Page Assignments deletePageAssignments
Method Resource Function
POST Page Record Assignments createPageRecordAssignments
GET Page Record Assignment readPageRecordAssignment
GET Page Record Assignments readPageRecordAssignments
PUT Page Record Assignment updatePageRecordAssignment
PUT Page Record Assignments updatePageRecordAssignments
DELETE Page Record Assignment deletePageRecordAssignment
DELETE Page Record Assignments deletePageRecordAssignments
Method Resource Function
POST Shared Page Entries createPageShares
GET Shared Page Entries readPageShares
PUT Shared Page Entries updatePageShares
DELETE Shared Page Entries deletePageShares
Method Resource Function
GET Page Dependencies readPageDependencies
Method Resource Function
POST Page Dynamic Attributes createPageDynamicAttributes
GET Page Dynamic Attribute readPageDynamicAttribute
GET Page Dynamic Attributes readPageDynamicAttributes
PUT Page Dynamic Attribute updatePageDynamicAttribute
PUT Page Dynamic Attributes updatePageDynamicAttributes
DELETE Page Dynamic Attribute deletePageDynamicAttribute
DELETE Page Dynamic Attributes deletePageDynamicAttributes
Method Resource Function
POST Page Localizations createPageLocalizations
GET Page Localization readPageLocalization
GET Page Localizations readPageLocalizations
PUT Page Localization updatePageLocalization
PUT Page Localizations updatePageLocalizations
DELETE Page Localization deletePageLocalization
DELETE Page Localizations deletePageLocalizations
Method Resource Function
POST HTTP Callback createPageEndpoints
GET HTTP Callback readPageEndpoint
GET HTTP Callbacks readPageEndpoints
PUT HTTP Callback updatePageEndpoint
PUT HTTP Callbacks updatePageEndpoints
DELETE HTTP Callback deletePageEndpoint
DELETE HTTP Callbacks deletePageEndpoints
Method Resource Function
POST Email Alert createPageEmailAlert
GET Email Alert readPageEmailAlerts
Method Resource Function
GET Private Media readPrivateMedia
Method Resource Function
POST Trigger POST Action createPageTriggerPost
Method Resource Function
GET Page Feed readPageFeed


Method Resource Function
POST Elements createElements
GET Element readElement
GET Elements readElements
GET * readAllElements
PUT Element updateElement
PUT Elements updateElements
DELETE Element deleteElement
DELETE Elements deleteElements
Method Resource Function
POST Element Dynamic Attributes createElementDynamicAttributes
GET Element Dynamic Attribute readElementDynamicAttribute
GET Element Dynamic Attributes readElementDynamicAttributes
PUT Element Dynamic Attribute updateElementDynamicAttribute
PUT Element Dynamic Attributes updateElementDynamicAttributes
DELETE Element Dynamic Attribute deleteElementDynamicAttribute
DELETE Element Dynamic Attributes deleteElementDynamicAttributes
Method Resource Function
POST Element Localizations createElementLocalizations
GET Element Localization readElementLocalization
GET Element Localizations readElementLocalizations
PUT Element Localization updateElementLocalization
PUT Element Localizations updateElementLocalizations
DELETE Element Localization deleteElementLocalization
DELETE Element Localizations deleteElementLocalizations

Option List

Method Resource Function
POST Option List createOptionList
GET Option List readOptionList
GET Option Lists readOptionLists
GET readAllOptionLists
PUT Option List updateOptionList
PUT Option Lists updateOptionLists
DELETE Option List deleteOptionList
DELETE Option Lists deleteOptionLists
Method Resource Function
GET Option List Dependencies readOptionListDependencies


Method Resource Function
POST Options createOptions
GET Option readOption
GET Options readOptions
GET * readAllOptions
PUT Option updateOption
PUT Options updateOptions
DELETE Option deleteOption
DELETE Options deleteOptions
Method Resource Function
POST Option Localizations createOptionLocalizations
GET Option Localization readOptionLocalization
GET Option Localizations readOptionLocalizations
PUT Option Localization updateOptionLocalization
PUT Option Localizations updateOptionLocalizations
DELETE Option Localization deleteOptionLocalization
DELETE Option Localizations deleteOptionLocalizations


Method Resource Function
POST Records createRecords
GET Record readRecord
GET Records readRecords
GET * readAllRecords
PUT Record updateRecord
PUT Records updateRecords
DELETE Record deleteRecord
DELETE Records deleteRecords
DELETE * deleteAllRecords
Method Resource Function
POST Record Assignments createRecordAssignments
GET Record Assignment readRecordAssignment
GET Record Assignments readRecordAssignments
PUT Record Assignment updateRecordAssignment
PUT Record Assignments updateRecordAssignments
DELETE Record Assignment deleteRecordAssignment
DELETE Record Assignments deleteRecordAssignments


Method Resource Function
POST Notification createNotification

Device License

Method Resource Function
GET Device License readDeviceLicense
GET Device Licenses readDeviceLicenses
GET * readAllDeviceLicenses

Change Log

  • 1.5.5: Reverted updateAllRecords and fixed bug in readAllDeviceLicenses
  • 1.5.4: Separated misc. functions to new utilities path. Fixed bug in updateAllRecords. Added readAllDeviceLicenses function. Added preliminary regression tests.
  • 1.5.3: Added logging app.log, access token check before refresh, and execution time IFB.getExecutionTime()
  • 1.5.2: Added api_calls property to IFB Class for counting API calls in a script
  • 1.5.1: Added readPageDependencies()
  • 1.5.0: Access token will refresh if there are less than 5 minutes remaining on the current access token
  • 1.4.3: Added Shared Page resource, Email Alerts resource, Page Feed resource, Private Media resource
  • 1.4.2: Added Device License resource
  • 1.4.1: Removed 'csv' from install_requires
  • 1.4.0: Added replaceRecords(), deletePersonalData() and createNotification()
  • 1.3.0: Added deleteAllRecords()
  • 1.2.0: Added createPageTriggerPost() and sortOptionList()
  • 1.1.2: Removed secrets and string from dependencies list
  • 1.1.1: Removed random from dependencies list
  • 1.1.0: Added new method genPassword(n) to create a password n-characters long
  • 1.0.1: Fixed typo in createUserGroup() function and modified getting started example
  • 1.0.0: Version 1.0 hooray!

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