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Integrated Framework for Configuration

Project description

Integrated Framework for Configuration

Alternative configuration framework using argparse and configparser. Designed for the following purposes.

  • Integration of command line args and configuration files
  • Generation of default configuration files
  • Class initialization procedure using parameter object pattern



      from ifconf import configure_main
      if __name__ == "__main__":

      from ifconf import configure_module, config_callback
      def conf(loader):
          loader.add_attr('server_addr', '', help='server inet addr to bind')
              loader.add_attr_int('server_port', 8080, help='server inet port to bind')
              loader.add_attr_boolean('udp', False, help='True if use UDP otherwise TCP is used.')
              loader.add_attr_float('val_float', 0.8, help='float test value')
              loader.add_attr_dict('val_dict', {'a':1,'b':2,'c':3}, help='dict test value')
              loader.add_attr_list('val_list', [1,2,3], help='list test value')
              loader.add_attr_path('home', '../', help='path test value')
      class MyClass:
              def __init__(self):
                      self.conf = configure_module(conf)
                      self.addr = self.conf.addr
                      self.port = self.conf.port
  • config.ini

      #addr =
      port = 8888

config file generation

You can print config.ini template

    python -m ifconf server.config


You can install this package by pip

    pip3 install ifconf

If you need to use 'mutable' option, install 'recordclass' as well.

    pip3 install ifconf recordclass

If you got an error such as 'error: command 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc' failed with exit status 1', you need to install build essentials.

    sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev

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ifconf-0.0.16.tar.gz (11.8 kB view hashes)

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