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A command line SCP client

Project description

A simple command line SCP client.


pip install igloo

For igloo to work, you must have activated key authentication (i.e. you must be able to ssh into the remote machine without entering a password or passphrase).


The exhaustive list of options can be viewed with igloo --help. Rather than go over these again, below are a few common usage patterns (note that each --option has a shorter version which can found in the help message):

  • Setup the default remote URL:

    $ igloo --config add user@host:path/to/remote/directory
  • Copy two files to this remote URL:

    $ igloo first.ext second.log
  • Download back the first file:

    $ igloo --remote first.ext
  • View the list of files in the remote directory that end in .log:

    $ igloo --remote --list --expr='\.log$'
  • Add a new remote URL corresponding to profile public:

    $ igloo --config add user@host:another/directory/public public
  • Transfer all the files in the current directory to the remote public URL, overwriting any preexisting files:

    $ igloo --profile=public --force *
  • Download all files from the remote directory that don’t end in .log, and delete them from the remote directory afterwards:

    $ igloo --remote --move --no-match --expr='\.log$'
  • View list of profiles:

    $ igloo --config list
    default [user@host:path/to/remote/directory]
    public [user@host:another/directory/public]
  • Read from standard input and save remotely as hello.log

    $ echo 'Hello world!' | igloo --stream hello.log

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