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Illumon fork of jpy Bi-directional Python-Java bridge

Project description

Illumon jpy

This package is fork of jpy

- This fork of "jpy" adds custom extensions for the "illumon-iris" Python package.


- Note that "illumon-jpy" is not compatible with "jpy" as they both install shared libraries with the same name.
- If you already have "jpy" installed, it should be removed before installing "illumon-jpy"


# Remove jpy if it is currently installed
pip uninstall jpy

# Install illumon-jpy
pip install illumon-jpy



>>> import illumon
>>> ...

jpy Changelog

Version 0.9

This version includes a number of contributions from supportive GitHub users. Thanks to all of you!


* Corrected Java reference count of complex PyObject passed back and forth to methods (issue #120). Fix by sbarnoud.
* Fixed problem where default methods on Java 8 Interfaces were not found (issue #102). Fix by Charles P. Wright.
* Fixed error caused by missing `sys.argv` in Python when called from Java (issue #81). Fix by Dave Voutila.
* Fixed problem where calling jpy.get_type() too many times causes a memory access error (issue #74). Fix by Dave Voutila.
* Fixed a corruption when retrieving long values (#72). Fix by chipkent.
* Fixed fatal error when stopping python session (issue #70, #77). Fix by Dave Voutila.


* Can now use pip to install Python `jpy` package directly from GitHub (#83).
This works for Linux and OS X where C compilers are available by default
and should work on Windows with Visual Studio 15 installed.
Contribution by Dave Voutila.
* Java `PyObject` is now serializable. Contribution by Mario Briggs.
* Improved Varargs method matching. You may pass in either an array (as in the
past) or individual Python arguments, the match for a varargs method call is
the minimum match for each of the arguments. Zero length arrays (i.e. no
arguments) are also permitted with a match value of 10.
* `jpy.type_translations` dictionary for callbacks when instantiating Python objects.
* `jpy.VerboseExceptions` enables full Java stack traces.
* More Python exceptions are translated to the corresponding Java type.
* Globals and locals are converted when executing code with PyLib, to allow variables to be
used across statement invocation; and interrogated from Java.
* PyObject wrappers for dictionary, list, and introspection functions to tell
you whether or not you can convert the object.
* Support for isAssignable checks when dealing with Python Strings and primitives, to allow
matches for argument types such as `java.lang.Comparable` or `java.lang.Number`.

Version 0.8


* Java interface types don't include methods of extended interfaces (issue #64)
* Loading of jpy DLL fails for user-specific Python installations on Windows (issue #58)
* Java interface types didn't expose java.lang.Object methods (issue #57)
* Java 1-arg static method was confused with a zero-arg non-static method (issue #54)
* Python interpreter crash occurred when executing del statement on Java arrays (issue #52)
* Python extensions loaded from Java couldn't see Python symbols (Linux) (issue #38)


* It is now possible to use jpy Java API to work with multiple Python installations (issue #35).
A tool called '' can be used to write configuration files that determine the required shared libraries
for a given Python versions.
A new Java system property 'jpy.config' is used to point to a desired configuration file.
* Simplified jpy installation (issue #15):
- removed need to add JVM path to PATH (Windows) / LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Unix) environment variable
- removed need to compile Java module using Maven
- removed need to specify JDK_HOME environment variable, if JAVA_HOME already points to a JDK
* Added 'jclass' attribute to Python type that wraps a Java class (issue #63) .
* Java API extensions
- new methods
- new method
- new method
- new method
* Java API configuration changes:
- System property jpy.jpyLib:
- System property jpy.jdlLib:
- System property jpy.pythonLib:
- System property jpy.config:
- Loaded from
# File ./
# Resource /
# File ${jpy.config}
* Python API configuration changes:
- Loaded from
# File ./
# Resource ${jpy-module}/
- Attribute java_home
- Attribute jvm_dll
* Python API extensions
- new jpyutil module
# jpyutil.init_jvm(...)
# jpyutil.preload_jvm_lib(...)
- new jpyutil tool
# usage: [-h] [--out OUT] [--java_home JAVA_HOME] [--jvm_dll JVM_DLL]
* Added basic support for Java Scripting Engine API (issue #53)

Other changes
* Switched to Apache 2.0 license from version 0.8 and later (issue #60)

Version 0.7.5

* Fixed bad pointer in C-code which caused unpredictable crashes (issue #43)

Version 0.7.4

* Fixed a problem where jpy crashes with unicode arguments (issue #42)
* Fixed segmentation fault occurring occasionally during installation of jpy (issue #40)
* Improved Java exception messages on Python errors (issue #39)

Version 0.7.3

* Fixed problem where a Java primitive array argument has occasionally not been initialised by a
related Python buffer argument (issue #37)

Version 0.7.2

* Added backward compatibility with Python 2.7 (issue #34).
* Added Java parameter annotation 'output' (issue #36).
This is used to optimise passing Python buffer arguments where Java primitive arrays are expected.
* Removed debugging prints of the form "JNI_OnLoad: ..."
* Corrected documentation of jpy.array(type, init) function, which was said to be jpy.array(type, length)
* Removed console dumps that occurred when calling from Java proxies into Python
* Updated Java API documentation and added it to Sphinx doc folder (doc/_static/java-apidoc)
* Added new diagnostic F_ERR flag to Java class PyLib.Diag
* Java class PyLib is no longer instantiable

Version 0.7.1

* Updated README and added after recognising that the distribution misses most of the
required source files and learning what to do on this case.

Version 0.7

* Initial version.

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