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Cut images into tiles and reassemble them..

Project description

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Image Slicer

What does it do?

Splits an image into n equally-sized tiles. Also capable of joining the pieces back together.

Whether you are planning a collaborative art project, creating a jigsaw puzzle, or simply get a kick out of dividing images into identical quadrilaterals… this package is for you!


$ pip install image_slicer

Python versions supported:

  • 2.7+

  • 3.4+


Slice an image with Python:

>>> import image_slicer
>>> image_slicer.slice('cake.jpg', 4)
(<Tile #1 - cake_01_01.png>, <Tile #2 - cake_01_02.png>, <Tile #3 - cake_02_01.png>, <Tile #4 - cake_02_02.png>)

… or from the command line:

$ slice-image cake.jpg 36

Further examples can be found in the documentation.


This module was developed for collabart, a web application for launching collaborative art projects.

0.2.0 (22/10/2018)

  • Fix save is executed twice

  • Fix file extensions of output files should be lower case

  • Fix CLI script help text for JPEG usage

0.1.1 (15/08/2013)

  • Fix slice-image script.

  • Rename join_tiles() to join().

0.1.0 (12/08/2013)

  • New Tile class.

  • split_image() now saves tiles by default.

  • get_basename() can now handle paths.

  • More comprehensive validation in validate_image().

  • Fix incorrect filenames returned by save_tiles().

  • Expand documentation.

  • Improve test coverage.

0.0.2 (07/23/2013)

  • Fix dependencies in

0.0.1 (07/19/2013)

  • Initial release.

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